Marketplace sa server

Hello guys

I would like to bring this discussion to the community and especially to all SA players.

The times that our markert is crazy and things don’t stop rising. I understand that as the end game content comes out, it is normal for prices to rise due to the amount of gold farmed weekly.

However, I have the view that with the current content we have (Kakul) the prices of many things on the markert do not match reality, like legendary accessories with expensive prices, relics accessories with low quality, very expensive, grudge around 30k .

Anyway, I know that a lot of this is the fault of the players themselves who abuse these things to win over others and end up screwing the marketplace. I also know that no one is forced to buy what is being sold for these high prices and such, but I have the thought that this ends up harming everyone in the end, because usually everyone will always invest all their resources in their main class and it leaves the alts all pissed off because you can’t close the low/medium quality basic accessories and there’s that paty shit that they can’t handle doing anything.

I don’t know if there is any way for amazon/SMG to intervene in any way to even out things a little.

Reinforcing, I don’t think it’s wrong for the right things to be sold at good prices, I just think it’s fuck the basic and simple items to be sold to disproportionate prisoners, after all, every day a sucker and a smart one leave the house, and when they meet, it’s business.

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