Marking a stronghold recipe as a favorite - 2 bugs

1. Bug #1: Marking a stronghold recipe as a favorite embeds it permanently in your notifications.


This is what I mean.

I marked this crafting recipe as a favorite in my stronghold. It then created a notification for it. The red notification (1) icon does not leave even if I open and close the notification panel.

When I click the trashcan icon in an attempt to remove this alert, it says that it will also remove the recipe as a favorite.


This clearly should not be the case. It nullifies the whole point of having notifications if some weird info (really, I didn’t know I marked a recipe as a favorite?) is permanently stuck there with a red alert.

Bug # 2: Marking a stronghold recipe as a favorite prevents other notifications from being viewed

I discovered this notification also prevents other notifications from being shown in the window. Notifications lit up with a red (5) when party members shared their map, but clicking on it showed ONLY the favorite recipe and no maps. I had to delete the favorite recipe before the map notifications would sh ow up in the clicky

image → this showed up

but I could only see this:


until I deleted the favorite recipe (this deletes it as a favorite entirely) , and only then could I view my other notifications:



Same issue. I agree it’s annoying to permanently have a notification alert for marking a recipe as a favorite.

Added a 2nd bug I just discovered.

+1 to this bug. Makes the favorites useless/too annoying.

bump this. just tried it and same thing. it’s so annoying.

bump, this is quite annoying if u do a lot of crafting especially

+1 on this issue, gave up on using favorites as the notification was bothering me constantly!

still an issue… seems like a reasonable thing to address so bumping for attention :pleading_face:

+1 Hope they fix this soon.

still needs fixing!!!

Any news on favourite recipes bug ?

fixed this yet?