Marten open sale doesn't reset


I shared Marten open sale so people can get their hand and the leg runes he’s selling. Judgement rune has been sold once. When Marten came back several days afterwards it states that the rune is still sold-out.

Therefore I would like to know if that is a bug or just me who don’t get how it is supposed to work?


It is sold out for you since you already got one, no? The people who doesn’t have it can still get it.

That is a screen of the open sale tab (second tab), I noticed someone that asked for it that Marten was back at my sh. He doesn’t have the rune yet.

He took this screenshot while he doesn’t have the rune? Then I have no idea

Then somebody else bought it. When the merchant with the rune is there, the open sale rune can be purchased by 1 person. Who comes first mentality

No I took it. Theres my shop, rune is available for me!

Open Sale window will always look like that for YOU. For others, if nobody bought it this rotation yet, will be able to see it properly

Thats super weird because that would mean someone randomly visited my sh since I didn’t advertised it.

The person who tried to get the rune said it was already sold. :thinking:

Hard to believe since it says 1/1 stock faint in the background. Then somebody random sniped it.

ask your friend to take a screenshot and post it here

I mean that’s why I made this thread, might be bugged somehow.


It says 1/1 yet sold-out!

Then the friend of yours already bought the rune from somebody else. The Judgement Rune from Stronghold is limited to 1x per account/stronghold purchase. So he bought it from somebodyelses stronghold already. No other explanation.

Plot twist is he doesn’t so that could definitely be a bug…

let him take a screenshot from his skill window to confirm it.

or from codex filtered for the judgement rune

Some trust issues going on there.

I would love to provide more infos for anything else meaningful!

No trust issues I am just sparing you the process that the support had done anyway. Now you don’t have the support asking these questions anymore

Thats one way to put it too. Anyways thanks for taking some of your time!