Martial Artist Loot bug

So Basically, I am playing a Female Martial Artist ( Scraper subclass ). But the game only drops Male Martial Artist ( Striker ) loot when doing world bosses.
I did 2 world bosses (The Salt Giant, and another prior to the salt Giant forgot its name).

I’ve been looking at the forum and I am not the only one having this issue. If this bug keeps on, It can affect late game grinding on bosses. And in turn ruin the games progresion.


i’m playing Striker (male Scraper class) and basically the world boss drop me female martial artist loot.

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Yes we are having the same issue. Hope this get fixed ASAP.

I am playing Female Soulfist and it’s only dropping scrapper weapon

I am also having the same issue i cant use any world boss gear because it drops for female only havent gotten anything else killed some multiple times as well.

Same thing. Both salt giand a Rubric are dropping female gear for my male striker.