Mass amounts of Speehacking

Its either a speed hack in game coupled with bots. Or some form of exploit with beserkers.
This is seen throughout gameplay and needs to be remedied because all this will do is give the people using these bots more materials and such and over saturate the economy. You gain gold from quests and such and gold is roster bound so on and so forth. Also grants them honing materials and advancement in the Tome bonuses.

Haven’t seen a post or response to my in-game reports and the fact that they still exist means that the market is going to be a complete mess because when someone has 1 main and 5 slots to run 5 bots to get them gold and materials. Honest people actually playing the game wont be able to keep up with that. ( Example : The auction for the loot on the weekend Chaos things for maps. )

[speedhack site: - Google Search](https://See These)

I didnt see the previous posts but still shows that havent seen any response from developers in regards to this though