Mass Report Perma Ban for opening the chest on Tooki Island

So today a terrible thing happened. I was doing the tooki island event, and there was a guy standing near the chest. I walked up next to him and he told me to leave, because it was ‘his’ chest. I just laughed and said we’ll see. When the time comes, I got to open the chest, and got the contribution for it. Then he got really mad and started calling me names in the chat, and he said he’s in a big guild and will get all his guild mates to mass report me. Two hours later, I’m perma banned.

This is just New World all over again smh


game name of the person?

if this is a true and possible. its final nail to coffin for this game. too many bullshit at once. these mass report bans cant be automated.

I’m sure there’ll be people defending the ban any moment now.

What chest can be opened by players in Tooki Island of all places? The one that continues the event chain that doesn’t matter one bit?

Not much you can do to prove that this really happened, but all you CAN do is to appeal the ban. That won’t convince anyone here but for your own sake, if you got banned for no reason, you can save your account.

Can you post the details of your ban? did you get an email or a game message? I’m only asking because it seems a banwave happened today and others also got banned, trying to see if yours is similar. Although everyone else affected got 3 day ban and not perma ban.

What the actually fk? we need to get that guy and his whole guild banned for abusing the report system

Waiting for SmolEdie to spawn

“You were in the way of the fun of this guy, and i’m pretty sure you’re a whale, you can’t have fun without picking on other people”

It’s nothing OP, they have a stupid system of ban, and they r gonna do something about it, do a ticket.

yeah thats how it is right now unless we all do something about it.
with enough reports, you can get banned or permabanned. guilty or not.