Massive BOT on Punika are Line Up for Doing Weekly Task LOL

did your captcha even work @Roxx? , did you guys ever ban T3 bot @Shadow_Fox ?


omg lmfao, yesterday I was telling people I saw this and they said I was crying wolf. I swear i wasnt tripping out when I saw a literal ant line of them

the game is stull 60-70% bot so not surprising


I haven’t gotten a single captcha… So Idk if its even a feature. lol


Gold prices are coming down, no queues.

I’d say they have done some good work.

There isn’t going to be a single fix-all solution. The botters will try their darnedest to get back online. It’s a never ending back and forth.

prob they are not implementated at all… cuz this bot still running around and u can cleary see every time feiton t2 chaos gate are up. @Roxx

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source: “bro trust me”

howbout i bend u over then u trust me?

They are officially certified legal players, and real robots have long been filtered
Sometimes what you see is not necessarily true

Bots are taking over again. Really hope the captcha (which I haven’t seen one time yet) helps.

Checking steam charts we are currently at around 280k players.

Last week on June 30 through July 2, the days following a major legion raid release, we had around 140k players.

in a couple of days they will be in a Punika again