Massive Bot on sasha, prob queue soon.! @roxx

that’s only for 2 ch … i am wonder how much on vern LOL @Roxx @Shadow_Fox


AGS may be time to turn on the captcha? the number of bots is already hardening

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it’s already clear what they are doing just looking by those engraving… they are farming chaos daily + using weekly chaos dungeon quest for una task @Roxx @Shadow_Fox pls bring captcha or something on infinite chaos dungeon mech.

same happening in Calvasus. I ve leveled up a character from scratch. I have seen lots of bots leveling and when i reach Vern, i saw them all doing daily Una Tasks for weekly gold rewards… We are reachng 300k online players again. Probably 100k bots :slight_smile:

more and more server getting busy boizz… we will face 800k count current, and more raw gold they make= more cheap the gold for RMT hahaahaha @Roxx @Shadow_Fox

yeah most of them making char now for weekly una task raw gold… the only solution for that was like dota 2, if you want to play rank match you need to attach phone number so if you want to use auction house you need attach phone number… and it’s not that mobile authenticator only phone number. @Roxx @Shadow_Fox

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bots are back blue crystal prizes rising but ags distract players with pretty weak roadmap so everyone talking about that while rmt bois and bots doing what they do best ruining game xD

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Today at EUC, Slen… Bots are back, obviously. What they are doing there? IDK.

they stopped runing scripts since last time was 1 week and a half, from 100k to 325k now of bots

345k 50% prob bot lol… make infinite chaos dungeon captcha there and also and island to @Roxx @Shadow_Fox or u can use phone number if we gonna sell or buy on auction (not mobile authenticator but only phone number).


they are clearing island for honning math… cuz that’s one of bot feature @Roxx @Shadow_Fox

they already don’t care about it… cuz this game will be like new world soon, and also 9/26 wotlk will relase this game will 80% are bot after wotlk release @Roxx @Maselbart

Message from AGS.

SG can celebrate the great success of august pet ranch patch with 400k concurrent players.

they are going for raw gold that u got from welcome challange like got to gearscore 600 you got 300g and etc. @Roxx @Shadow_Fox

yorn got invasion LOL @Roxx @Shadow_Fox

the only solution was to attach phone number if you want using auction house … that’s was the only way so the bot can’t transfer their gold to their main… it same like trusted status but not as bad as trusted status. @Roxx @Shadow_Fox

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totaly agree the only way was like dota 2 rank match… you need to attach that phone number Steam Support :: Adding a Phone Number to a Dota Account ( … if someone complain about that either they are who the one using bot or they are having more than 1 steam acc LOL. @Roxx

Wait…the captcha thing was real? I’m online for like…10-14hrs a day? Ish…for months…and never saw a single captcha