Massive FPS Drops when opening several menus/some items

This has been posted before, I’m aware of that. But there hasn’t been much attention on it lately.

When you’re opening most menus in this game, there’s a massive FPS drop. Some menus are affected by this only the first time they’re opened, some are affected every time. This behavior resets after a loading screen, so it’s constantly happening.

For example:
Escape Key Menu - Every time
Shop - First time until loading screen
Guild Menu (Alt + U) - First time until loading screen
Una’s Task Menu (Alt + J) - First time until loading screen

Previous to the last patch, this also happened when “learning” (using) Cards and Card XP packs, but since last update, this specific one has been fixed.

Here are some topics about this in the past:

And since I know what you’re going to reply, NO, IT’S NOT A USER-PC ISSUE. It happens to everyone, since launch, only in this client. Don’t waste your time sharing the FPS/Performance issues article, everyone has tried everything there and it hasn’t been fixed.

Please, share the issue with AGS/Slimegate.

I have massive FPS drop after latest update too especially in chaos dungeon or everything can spawning monster mob.

Hopefully this gets fixed soon, probably one of the most annoying bugs right now.