MASSIVE Hacking Issue in Comp PvP

Hi! I’m a diamond/master sorc player on NAW, there desperately needs to be attention brought to the fact that there is a MASSIVE issue with cheating+hacking on the PvP ladder atm.

MULTIPLE PLAYERS on the leaderboard have infinite swiftness/infinite mana, there are MULTIPLE LEADERBOARD PLAYERS blatantly hacking, gets reported literally every game by every diamond/master+ player they play against, and they aren’t being banned.

If you look at the leaderboard, you can easily spot cheaters because they’ll have 90%+ winrates in GM (literally impossible) with often times HUGE k/ds (1.7+ is suspect, extremely hard to maintain this in master+. unless you’re one of the absolute best PvPers.)

If you pay close attention, you can spot cheaters by carefully tracking their stand-up cooldown (there is a cheat that reduces the CD of it), paying close attention to their animations (if they’re suspiciously fast, it’s a swiftness hacker,) or paying close attention to the character’s movement speed. The problem here is that all of this stuff is really hard to pick up on mid PvP fight, there’s tons of stuff to notice. So a LOT of the times, these people don’t even get noticed unless they’re FULL blatant (meteor + infinite mana + manashield sorc is literally invincible, there are leaderboard sorc players with 95%+ winrate 4+ k/d.