Massive improvements from AGS/SG - it feels like you're listening πŸ’–

Over the past few weeks it really seems like communication has turned a corner, lots of examples come to mind but the truly clear moment for me was the tentative May release date being given; I understand the fear around giving loose release dates and having to recant them, but this is definitely the best option.

Seeing the May announcement go out today was the icing on the cake though, this is a full 2 weeks out from the patch which is in stark contrast to the Argos patch.

As someone who has made several highly critical threads since release, I have to say I can personally see the changes you guys have made. This is a big step in the right direction and I wanted to make sure you guys know that some of your harshest critics are taking notice.

Great job guys.


Second this. Ignore the cry babies. Amazon and smilegate are moving in the right direction.

Legion raids are needed ASAP as well so no delays!!


Yes this one is probably the best handled patch so far in our release, props to the team.


No question - this is by far the best they’ve done, and on multiple fronts as well.

Yes there are issues with the game, but if we want improvements to be made we have to recognize when they start moving in that direction and this past week or so has absolutely been a great example of that.

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Great job to the AGS SG!

It definitely was an improvement.

  1. They made it possible for a large amount of f2p and other casuals to reach the entry requirement on release date. Mainly thanks to free mats and new ways to get them other than just infinite chaos dungeons / regular guardians.

  2. They did announce things in a timely manner so people have all possiblities in the world to make proper planning and adjust their ingame actions accordingly.

Now with the first Legion raid finally coming, then there should be little reason to not keep a faster pace of content release. I’m looking forward to actually have the real endgame grind starting since that is what I have been preparing for this whole time. Thank god this content gatekeeping is coming to an end and everyone is let lose for real.

I’m ready :partying_face:


Such a dramatic change from the Argos patch - advanced communication before a release date was even solidified, patch announcement 2 full weeks before release.

The only posts I’ve seen complaining about the release seems borderline delusional;. The long and the short of it is that after playing in Russia and seeing what their content releases look like with respect to players ilvl at release, everyone who should be ready for Valtan at release will be ready for Valtan at release.

There is a certain threshold of work put into your character which allows you to keep up with the pace of content, and below that you will not. Everyone assumes that threshold is arbitrarily below whatever they’ve put in, and that requirement only applies to β€œother people”.

So nice to see the community so 1-sided on the patch announcement, really exciting time.