Massively disappointed that Destroyer was pushed back a month. Why?

Was it because of the unofficial polls that people took upon themselves to make? The ones that don’t accurately represent anyone but the vocal minority? Why not stick to your guns since the idea was already out there?

The original classes missing from the game should have been released at launch, not drip-fed to us as content, which they are not. They are the vehicle for which to experience that content. Releasing 1 per month is still too slow.

AGS/SGR failed to appropriately set expectations after the leak. It should have been made clear that even classes were on the table to be changed and that the leak should be completely disregarded. That wasn’t the case, though. They only made it sound like endgame content was being looked at.

You can do better by not taking so long to release all of the classes. I know AGS is concerned with player retention, but this can have the opposite effect.


Didn’t quite get what you are saying… You are upset destroyer was pushed back or classes not being released?

If its destroyer being pushed after Lancermaster, looks like the data that Amazon collected pointed towards Lancermaster being released first.

Classes being drip fed is Amazons financial model unfortunately, ppl tend to spend more money this way.

About classes not being released I can get that.
But if its about what classes I would have to agree.
People want Lance Master, Summoner, Reaper, Arcana all before Destroyer.
Destroyer is the worst class balance wise in the game anyways.
He is so bad that people in Korea dont even want him in Legion raids.


Surely it can be both?

I don’t think it was the data as much as the flood of whining that came with the leak of the original roadmap. Had that not happened, or been as persistent, it might not have changed. It was neither stated, nor clearly implied that classes were one of the things they were evaluating on the roadmap. So because they failed to set expectations early, people get to feel screwed over. It’s just unprofessional.

Yet based on KR polling, it’s the 6th most desired class to have in a party?

I’m not sure where you got that from. Make no mistake, Destroyer isn’t bad. The issue with the class is that it’s punishing to play due to positional requirements and some RNG. Combine that with KR players’ bias towards quick, mobile classes and it’s no wonder that’s how people see it.

Looks like in the more data they collected, ppl didn’t want destroyer as much as Lancermaster sorry

“Data,” as in unofficial polls that don’t accurately reflect anything but the vocal minority? Data had nothing to do with it. Nothing would have changed had it not been for the sheer amount of crying and extra visibility the polls got from content creators.

You know that Destroyer sucks, don’t you?

You know you shouldn’t listen to streamers without thinking for yourself, right? It’s like the 6th most desired class to have in a party in KR, it’s just punishing to play. Let’s not pretend like KR players don’t have a bias toward quick and mobile classes.

no1 cares about destroyer simple

He was my first character on “other” server. I took founder armor for him. I say it thinking by myself.

Then state it as an opinion, not a fact lol. Not everyone shares your taste.

Clearly not the case.

The real reason might be that in Korea Destroyer in a really bad shape right now and it is a dire need for overhaul. A patch is coming to fix that apparently in Korea, maybe that is why they release shortly after that patch.

Right now in Korea, Destroyer are not welcome most of the time in raid unless static group with Friends.

You have scrapper that lack of identity and Destroyer literally need a major overhaul.

Very few people care and game has hundreds of thousands so it’s a negligible amount of people

Tbh for me it’s less about destroyer and more about the pace. We’re gonna be 2 months after release getting a single “new” class and the next month after that “maybe” another.

After how long it took us to get this roadmap - promised for launch, then promised a couple weeks after launch, then promised in march, only finally delivered 2mo late in April - are we gonna get the next roadmap after another 2mo delay that promises another month and then maybe one more the next all over again? Seems like their way of keeping to their original shit plan of one class per two months by spacing it far out, making fake plans and then delaying them.

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Yes I agree, 1 class each month is just awful we still have scouter, artist, summoner, arcana and reaper that’s just too long for people to be without a main and when it does release it would take long to catch up

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