Master's Moist Omelet

Moist Omelet is a poor and unfair reward. I am being punished for playing a STR character that doesn’t need MP.

i wanted more Max MP, im being punished for being entitled.


i clicked claim on a str character with no MP too

le sad

I think it might be a bug or description is wrong, if you check about this item on the codex, it shows that its supposed to give different stats

also zero reason for this to be character bound. how dumb.

You are making mountain out of a molehill for 3 omelets.

LOL how is my statement making a mountain out of anything. I think its dumb. Has it ruined my day? No. Weird to insert emotion into written text unless it is implicit.

Its 3 omelets that are given out twice over the weekend. Just collect it on the character you originally want to use it on.

Edit: i dont see an emoji in my last comment so not sure why you see one.

Wait you’re right–that’s actually hilarious. They probably intended to give the one that shows up in the Codex, as that gives +3000 to all stats and +4500 vit

I opened it on Berker… Could’ve send to my Arti if it’s roaster bound. ¯_(ツ)_/¯