Master's tenacity vs Cursed doll. Which one is better

I heard of people saying outgoing dmg is better than attack dmg when choosing engravings, but can I have a genius explain the math behind this?
Also my friend told me attack dmg engravings is just as good as outgoing dmg as long as I don’t wear 2 attack dmg engravings together… So confused, I did some test but seems to me outgoing dmg is basically the same as attack dmg.

masters tenacity is better because it’ll save you a lot more HP pots and we have no tight dmg checks anyway.

that’s true, but I kinda have to make a decision between lv3masters+lv2cursed and lv3cursed+lv2masters. So I guess I need to figure out which combination gives me more dmg.

Both. On a serious note, damage increase percentages are multiplicative with everything. Attack power increases go by base attack power and thus dont increase off each other. You never want cursed doll together with mass increase for this reason

Outgoing damage multiplies your damage.

Atk power buffs your attack power, but stacks additively rather than multiplicatively.


Just a hypothetical example of 30% multiplicative scaling vs additive. That’s why people say not to wear 2, but really it’s just a slight inefficiency.

Mayhem is your 2 if you go 333(3)2.

So I’ll suggest you to go Grudge3/Cursed3/Tenacity3/Keen3/Mayhem2

ps I mean it doesn’t really matter tbh, but it might be easier for you to build this way. Damage output would not really change that much should you go Cursed2 Mayhem2 or whatever.

yeah that’s what i heard earlier. But I actually tested today and at least red dust(24%attack power buff) multiplies my attack power after cursed doll applied. I am not sure about other attack power buffs but I assume they work the same as red dust.

Attackpower engravings are additive to each others (like Cursed Doll, Increase Mass, Adrenaline, Ether Predator, etc…).

But they usually multiply with some class interaction such are Red dust or support buffs. That’s why Cursed Doll is so good for you. And that’s also why Cursed Doll3 is better than Mayhem3.

Attack power buffs are based on your base attack power and will keep adding to said base, meaning it doesn’t scale well with more than one source.

That makes sense. So basically if I only have one attackpower engraving on me, it will be just as good as those outgoing dmg engravings right? But why is cursed doll3 better than Mayhem3 though? Mayhem3 also multiply with other attackpower buffs right?

Mayhen is a flat damage increase. Not attack power. CD offers more damage

It will even be better for you, because you have Red Dust. For class that don’t have “red dust” like spells, it’s usually same or inferior than multiplier.

All you want is not to stack Attack Power engravings. But you definitely want Cursed Doll as a Mayhem Zerker

They do scale though. i have 26003 base attack power, and it changes to 30163 with lv3 cursed doll, and 30163 changes to 37402 with red dust buff(24%).

Attack Power engravings : Yes. But class synergy and interaction multiply Attack Power engravings usually.

So for example when a bard increase your attack power, it provide you with 2 attack power buff : One that is a flat amount of additive attack power depending on his own attack power, and one smaller (6%) multiplier on your AP which multiply other attackpower multiplier, namely those who come from engravings.

That is what i meant. Engravings.

Well if you have 26k attack power without cd3 you’re obviously super high ilvl if not 1490. Why aren’t you getting 5x3?

Should be the same right?

If my base dmg is 1.

with mayhem and red dust it becomes: 1x1.16x1.24=1.4384.
with cursed doll and red dust it becomes: 1x1.16x1.24=1.4384.

only difference is if i wear another attack power engravings, like mass increase. It then becomes:
1x(1.16+0.18)x1.24 = 1.6616
which is less then if I have another outgoing dmg engravings which gives:
1x1.16x1.18x1.24 = 1.6973

yeah yeah it’s the same i’m just stupid. But it still Mayehm3 is much more expansive ^^

My point was that because Red dust and Cursed doll multiply, you’re not penalized for going Cursed Doll.

eventually yeah, but I just want to understand the math behind attack power and outgoing dmg so I won’t make mistakes later on when choosing engravings and maybe gear sets.

Damage percent is better. But there’s only few good ones. So you have to add in Cursed doll, or you can run raid captain for later when supports have their set. The latter being better, but requires a support later.