Match cancellation

All the time players keep canceling competitive matches to join friends, This hurts a lot of other players. suggestion once starts the quest can no longer cancel the match, Or that there is a penalty if you cancel multiple times. As if these link imbalances weren’t enough.

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Hi Impostor! I’m interested in hearing more about your suggestion regarding match cancellations.

How long do you think the penalty should be if you cancel multiple times? And do you think it should be a static penalty or should scale up with more and more cancellations?

Looking forward to your reply!

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Queue Penaly OFC - progressively scaling. 5 minutes 10 minutes 30 minutes 1 hour and so on.

Well, I know this happens all the time, I’ve been on hold for 15 minutes while there are several cancellations. I believe that starting with a 15-minute penalty would reduce that a little bit.

If it is competitive and they cancel the game, I would give them a 3-day penalty in the mode.

was happening to me today all the time and i was curious why,now i see

I’ve been posting about this for weeks and have not gotten a single response. Its NOT the players cancelling. The system is broken…And you are automatically assigned a penalty even if you cancel the queue properly, then fast travel or change characters AFTER you’ve already canceled it.