Matchmaking Bug [ Matchmaking failed returning to the top of the queue ]

I have been playing comp on my striker for hours and have been constantly getting “matchmaking failed returning to the top of the queue” today… I click accept and wait… sometimes 10 q pops before the game says, hey you can play. Is this normal today or is something wrong?

now it’s just not letting me into the game at all, 20+ q’s ^

i have also noticed i sometimes get the 20m debuff randomly for no reason seemingly.

I tried to play my deathblade once and instant queue’d, i’m thinking about swapping to my pali and doing the same with a char i actually know almost as well as striker.
queue bug


Same issue here.



Bump… Please… we can’t even play

@aroy3 @LazyDraven

Have you guys had any luck?

Maybe post it here

I’ve tried everything… posted there… put in a ticket via chat that went no where… I assume most of the people with the issue have just quit already.

just posted about this yesterday. its fukking brutal


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@Roxx please give this guy some kind of response and save him having to come here and type ‘bump’ 10 times a day. He and many others have been bumping threads all over the forums for weeks trying to get acknowledgement to this problem that many players are having.
Pitter patter


I sit here typing this as I’ve just failed 6 in a row, waiting for 35 mins, edit: thank you for commenting

Same here

Does anyone give a damn that we can’t play & can’t get rewards??? This is insane

And 3 weeks after reporting this… and multiple attempts to try all they suggested…


I also this problem. 9 out of 10 fails 20-30mins to get into a match, please.

Joys of being super high or super low.

I think its not bug it happends when someone with who been matched canceled inv. This system first lookin for players then ask them to join and who participating sometimes checkong storage or market and accidentaly press esc. then everyone goong back to q.

Yea… the likelyhood of that happening multiple times in an HOUR que is highly unlikely.