Matchmaking Failed!


THIS is getting old quick. Takes 15-20 minutes to actually get into a competetive pvp match!


Probably everyone accidentally hitting escape when the menu pops cause for whatever reason that window allows for escape to close it

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Same issue

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fail 2


A couple things they suggested to try. Might help someone.


ANY update on this? several days of basically being unable to que for matches.


Bump… PVP que is still not working.

I replied in other post…

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Wait this still isn’t fixed? Wtf…

Yea… a MONTH later and still haven’t done ANYTHING. Not even an update that they are actually working on it.

DW this is not the single bug kr corrected in days while weve been waiting for more than a month AGS is killing the game slowly but surely

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its utterly INSANE. I simply can’t play ranked and can’t even get a single damn reply on here

edit, here’s my infographic Matchmaking is BROKEN and there's NO support

Same! Ive all but quit queueing ranked because this issue, I imagine im not the only one which im sure lowers the games ranked pvp population pool even more. I dont have hrs on end to play daily waiting for the queue to function correctly so im forced to queue unranked only. Wish they would resolve this.

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Just an update from another post of mine.

Hello @fenris,

I’m really sorry to hear about this situation, I understand this kind of situations can be frustrating and to wait until a situation get fixed its sometimes not the best scenario.

At this moment this case was already escalated by the customer service team to the technical support team and its being reviewed at the moment but unfortunately I will prefer to not tell you an estimated time, since that would be speculation and we do have to wait until an update in this case for us to have an official response and contact again Live support will not make the process faster.

I do hope you can understand this and again I’m really sorry this is the case this time, as soon as we have an update on this we will let you know.

I hope you have a great day and see you in Arkesia!

I’ve given up…its making me toxic trying to beg to get to play when other people are complaining about comps, double support, skins. I’m just asking to play.

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Forgot about OP classes. I don’t give up you though. See you in casuals until season 2.

Now look at how many of the devtracker responses are about cute fun skins and whether they’re coming to market omg omg, joy joy. Yet they cant be effin bothered to give 2 shits about our game legitimately being broken. It’s just such a sick effin joke at this point.

Seriously, you know they don’t give 2 fucks about pvp when this happens. Like, how does this not get noticed and fixed?

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