Matchmaking isn't garbage....nah not at all

just here to point out just one of many reason this game matchmaking is trash

Why only censor your own name?

how the f did you lose that

Look at the “Battlefield Score” that tells you more than just raw damage dealt

look at that nothing but trolls posted … and that why i “censor” my name nah no let just overlook the fact there 2 mirror mmr players with 1 with a silver and the other with a diamond no no let not talk about that … bad game good yes

Idk what any of that means. Just get more mad I guess?

than why are you here … let comment on stuff i know nothing about. ignorant moron

"battle score " is most effected by kills seccured why both 3 kill players are 1400but again ignorant

-9 LOLW :rofl:

Then why does the 1 kill bard have a lower battlefield score than you with 0? Its not just kills, my man. Take a breath.

what dont you understand about “mostly” … the bard damage is extremely low wasnt for the 1 kill it would be lower… man not responding to you anymore … you obviously dont understand anything about pvp scoring nor the matchmaking

What a threat. I’m so hurt. Instead of using the forums to complain about losing, just try playing more and - as I said before - git gud.

Are you really on here crying bc you lost a PvP match smh

no im here about matcmaking and there clearly an bug or issue here… but you go ahead and assume crap go on ahead

You can see from the screen that the MMR change is based on how likely YOU are to win the match. If the other team has a higher average MMR, they win fewer MMR points. Because you were not favored to win the match, you only lost 9 - where as the higher MMR Bard lost 14. As well, the highest MMR player on the opposing team only gained 9 MMR where the lower ranked players on his team gained 14.