Matchmaking Issues, report here!

Hey everyone!
I’m seeing alot of reports about matchmaking being down for all of NAE. Please list below which sever and what action you’re having probems with.

Currently poking the dev team to check it out.
So sorry about this!


NAeast -UNA. all matchmaking lag/delay

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NAE Azena
Chaos / Guardian MM as well as party finder

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Hung for several minutes solo enter chaos dungeon. Azena NAE. "Admission canceled.

Some party members are not ready" when trying to matchmake Guardian Raids.

Once chaos finally popped I hit enter and it counts down and nothing happens. Then admission cancelled for not ready to enter

Regulus - Chaos Dungeon/Guardian Raid/Abyss Raid/Abyss Dungeon - basically any matchmaking or instanced activity (even solo).

vykas been having issues since at least 12pm et

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NA East - Azena - game is literally unplayable.


NAEast - Kharmine - anything with a matchmaking regardless of actual usage of matchmaking (e.g. solo chaos)

Ladon -NA East

NA east -UNA. all matchmaking lag/delay CHAOS- GUARDIAN

NA East - Ladon

NA East - Azena
unable to matchmake or queue for solo chaos dungeon.
It takes more than 30 min already, and still I cant get one.

NAE Avesta
Chaos dungeons, Guardian raids
not even solo queue works

It was slow in the morning, but now not accessible at all.

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yeap una cant do anything - solo matching taking time but working, party matching making not workinag at all

NA East Una

All matchmaking and even single player chaos dungeons and guardian raids.

NA East - Avesta. For chaos and guardian, you press enter and it doesn’t do anything. Timer take a long time to pop up and then takes a while to even let you in.

NAE - Una - All matchmaking system are broken.
Solo chaos dungeon doesn’t even work after you accepted it.


NAE-Sasha- All matchmaking

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Maybe it’s the mass amount of bots taking over the servers?
Maybe that’s the reason for the lag?

Or are you guys never going to address this problem?
This is on NA Avesta in North Vern.

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NA East - Regulus