Matchmaking level cap option

There needs to be a level cap option when you queue up for Guardian Raid, Abyssal Dungeon or any other co-op mode.
An option to enter a max level that you want to be grouped up with.
eg. for Vertus, I will enter 460 as max level, so I don’t get grouped with an 1000.

It really ruins the experience when you enter the new Abyssal dungeon and an over-levelled player solo clears the content. Yes I know there’s a wipe mechanic, but he survived it and cleared it alone. It doesn’t help that ADs are once a week.
Guardian raids are somewhat tolerable since these can be run more frequently.

TLDR: I want challenge, don’t want to be carried by high level players

That option already exists in the party finder, with the party finder you can curate the group as much as you want.

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