Matchmaking not finding people (with premade same classes)

Hi The matchmaking algorithm of guardian raids and Guardian challenge raids (not for dungeons) does not find a group for ages. (10 min+)

So If me and my guildmates queue for guardian raids it sometimes takes incredible long to find other people (this is tru for two man and three man groups) after some experimenting and queing with different group compositions. It seems that if our premade groups contains two people with the same class the group finder can not find any mates for our group. If we queue with two or three distincitvly different classes it finds a group within approximatly one minute ( we mainly tested with two gunslinger and sometimes with two sorceress)

Hello @Anduni,

Thank you so much for bringing this situation to our notice!

I will make sure to pass this feedback to our teams so that they can give a look into this information.

Hope you have a nice day and see you in Arkesia! :leaves: