Matchmaking not working - EU


Server - Slen

Me and my partner are trying to group together to do a dungeon and we have been trying for the past hour and not been able to get into a dungeon at all? Please can we get some communication on this topic?

It says unable to gain location info and/or entry requirements not met. Cannot enter.

Everyone I have spoken with have confirmed they are having match making issues. It’s stopping me from progressing the story.

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EU MM has been dead for atleast 5 hours already. The third fix didnt work.

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Hello, Everybody and my apologies for the late response.

We are aware of the situation with matchmaking, and I personally understand how you folks feel about this important feature of the game.

We are working hard along with with Smilegate RPG on a more long-term fix.

I appreciate your patience on this one and I hope you continue enjoying the game!