Matchmaking secret map

Hi there,

I can’t find groups for running t1t2 maps. It’s a pain to write for hours in area chat lfg secret map rota ecc…

Adding a matchmaking for secret map could really improve this side of gameplay.

Ty for your attention.

Ask some bots

Do it alone? I have to assume that the shard bags for t1 and t2 have taken quite a hit in prices after the honing buffs. They used to be the go-to maps even with characters in t3. But the honing buff and recent resurgence of honor shards have all but killed that.

You get an achievement for sharing a lot of maps too so there’s that.

Hey! I’ll get this feedback over to the team for you.


A while ago I have seen people in area chat creating a global chat group to share t1 & t2 maps, maybe you could do something similar? And look for like minded people, but this depends on how “alive” your server is

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Alone? For 1/4 drop? Not worth. I have a full inventory of maps and spamming in chat is not helping…

Maybee I just should create 3 new account and power pass 1 char just for running maps.

Thanks you so much.

My server is quite alive. But I think that ppl has their own stable group to run maps…