Matchmaking stucks on 3/4 if you join with 2 Supports

As soon as we start to use Matchmaking with 2 Supports, we can’t proceed, it won’t “find” any players and the search will just continue forever.

We tried it with every possible combination, with just one support or none it works just fine.

Server: Asta


Hey there, Kaasumii. What is your character name?

Matchmaking won’t pop for Cube or Bossrush if you have two same class in the party.

It has been like that since Valtan patch.

Name is “Kaasumii” on the Asta Server.

Yea, but my friends are playing Bard and Pala.

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Many times I’ve witnessed matchmaking not really working when the party already has two of the same advanced class (ex. 2 sorcs) or two of the same role (ex. bard+bard / bard+paladin).

I guess it’s to prevent the random victim from having to deal with bad party synergy or double supports, but then I’ve been in a party of 3 bards in Oreha hard…

Yea i see it’s more effective on most content to play with 3 dps. But you can swoop through Deskaluda, BR or Cube in a matter of seconds on our GS, even with two supports. I think it’s not intentional or i hope, since it prevents me from playing with my friends, at least on our mains. (Or we use the Party finder). Even tho 3-man works just as fine most of the time.

Thank you. I’ll send this over to the development team for further review.