Material event tommorow?

So we can actually get valtan release in may.

Probably not until Thursday but,
I hope so lol who doesn’t like free stuff?

Aussie time haha I’m living in the future

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Yeah, technically tomorrow for us…when it hits 8-10pm haha.

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the free mats are over now you have to swipe for the ark pass if you want any KEKW


I dunno about these mat events. They kinda screw up the economy much as the bots do.
Gold value was insane during those two events and engravings still haven’t recovered.

I need a gold event at this point x-x

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Free 1415 character event? So they can release vlatan this year w/o cryposts

Between 28th of April and 19th of May expect there to be nothing new.
Next time we might see something is Destroyer release and that might be 19th of May or later.