Mats being roster bound when?

Has been a hot topic since the release of the game since KR has this in their client.


I don’t think they have it.


KR has the same roster bound as us.

Never, that`s how it works.
If mats are roster bound nobody will trade leapstones - your alts will farm them in feiton unas

Except even that’s limited to 3x a day per alt. So people who are impatient or don’t like paying alts would still turn to the market.

To even suggest people would stop using the market to obtain any of the honing materials after such a change is incredibly disingenuous.

No need to “play it”, go to T3 with some char and do Feiton Unas: throw an item to mob, interact with 2 items, wait on spot and /pray later. Its not exactly playing.
If you are lazy to try new things you can have same class like your … I have a friend with 8 zergs and he`s is happy with them (exchange jewelery and share englavings).

I would not suggest people stop using market, I`m selling my tradable mats there (some % ofc).

not sure where the rumour of KR having roster bound mats came from but they have the same character bound mats as us.

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It’s an old rumor. I, and many others, though it was the case back when LA first started before we were corrected.

Doesn’t make it a bad idea though, even if it was originally based on a falsity.

It would be nice, at the end of a tier you normally have a ton of unused materials that could be used on an alt. Me personally, I’d say yes to roster bound mats.