Mats dropped by Boss 2nd floor Chaos Dungeon

Would just like to ask if this anomaly has been reported to you guys wherein the mats that you get when killing the boss in the second floor of chaos dungeon, most often than not, only gives 3 destruction and 5 guardian crystals and like 100 shards. This has happened after the patch that came last thurs. I have 3 alts and I do chaos dungeon every day and it’s noticeable because the mats that I get are far more less than what I used to get.

if this issue has not been reported, can you please take a look at it.
thank you


it is an issue since the release of the game in t3 chaos but idk

I’ve experienced the same but just with the big plant boss called Rovlen I believe. All the other bosses dropped good stuff but this one just drops some stones…

That’s new to me but after reset tomorrow I’ll keep an eye open when I can run again with my chars

Drops in T3 chaos dungeons, no matter the level are trash compared to t2 and t1. Noticed it as soon as I hit t3 long ago.