Mats packs in store?

Is that correct? Found on Reddit.

That should help with rmt. Good value. That pack is 10-15k gold for roughly 8 quid?

Yes it’s p2w but so is rmt :roll_eyes:

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Bro you can legit buy gold.
This is nothing.

I don’t have anything against it. It’s actually good that they are trying to be competitive with rmt. This is very good value pack.

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RMT is still 4 times cheaper though.


Not really. Look at the amount of stuff you get for 8 pounds. You could maybe get the same value in gold from rmt but this is legal and in good proportions.

This with mats crashing and third party rmt being still more efficient that pack is useless.

lol i can’t even do a single tap on my weapon with those mats


That’s roughly 11k with my server prices.

Googled an rmt site and you can get 10k dirty gold for 8.35 on my server. Roughly the same value and it’s legit.

At least an option people might consider.


It very much is something. Buying gold is giving F2P players resources in exchange for gold. It’s not just spawning in new resources. Sure, they can spend those crystals on the Mari shop, but so can whales. The playing field is even in that regard.

This directly spawns in resources in exchange for red crystals, circumventing the F2P player base entirely, just like the premium season pass. Typical frog boiling marketing tactics. Expect more direct P2W soon if the game doesn’t die to RMT before that.

Is this really the time this, AGS? Your entire house is kinda on fire.

Well if you are paying they are just tempting you to pay them.

That’s the only option on SS. dunno if there is a blue crystal option

If I was starting right now and planning to invest money that is a good option.

Well, if that’s the general community mentality towards this then I guess Jeff is gonna be dining on frog legs tonight.

This could be a really good idea to try and alleviate some of the RMT. You still have the P2W aspect per se, but at least this way the money would be going to amazon, and actually support the game instead of farmers and botters. and the value of this specific item is practically the equivalent to if you RMT’ed for gold to buy these materials.

I’ve been saying for a long time the best way to combat RMT, is to be competitive in pricing, most people won’t risk the “punishments” that could possible come with RMT if the price gap was less between in game shop and RMT. The next thing they need to do that won’t be a happy item for all the “F2P OMG P2W IS BAD” crybabies is give a mileage system similar to what korea uses.

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What Punishemts?
4 Months My RMT dudes still play, didnt see them geeting banned even for 1 day.

The game is p2w since start. You just got s better option than exchange for gold/blue and still not happy.

You would get 3600 gold even with sick exchange rates now if you just changed to gold.

That’s far better bang for buck and competitive with rmt.

Thats why I put it in quotations 4head

The crystal to gold system can never be competitive against bots because it entirely relies on players to generate and sell gold. Bots outnumber players 5 to 1, so the gold supply is never going to be in the favor of players unless bots are dealt with.

Adding in more disincentives to do gold to crystal trades harms F2P, that are the vast majority of the playerbase, even more. It’s a great way to death-spiral your game into an early grave, but hey, at least you made 30 bucks along the way.

There are differences between P2W that still benefits the majority of players and direct P2W. This pack is just another step to creep in more and more direct P2W. It’s been done time and time again.

Besides, this is a limited thing. It does nothing to combat RMT even if it is “competitive”. All it does is line AGS/SG’s pockets at the expense of pretty much everyone.

so this is why we can’t get any honing buffs, they could’ve said that :stuck_out_tongue:


They won’t give us the stronghold buff concurrent with Vykas, like all previous regions, but they’ll sell us $30 of bad RNG at worse-than-RMT prices. :upside_down_face:

Never has “GG, Amazon” been more appropriate.

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yeah unfortunately they’re in the store now…

Honing buffs KEKW give us your money boyyyyy

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in which server are you that the mats are crashing ? in my server it’s the opposite , the inflation is huge 110g for GLH , 28g/10 destruction stones it’s crazy