Max skill points

Just hit 60 and noticed that we have only 408 skill points

Guides show that we get 410 skill points. Are we just missing 2 skill points? Or is it from the book of coordination.

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Check the codex for skill potions to see if you missed any. If all of them have a check mark, then you got them all.

No, it’s just like that because our version is unfinished.

408 is the max. 410 would not make sense as it’s not divisible by 3 and we get skills points in sets of 3 or 6.

Also 420 is the KR max which is 12 off from 408…which again is divisible by 3.

It’s 408. i thought it was 410 too because of the guides but the math dont add up.

Congratulations! :))

Maxroll adds to the confusion because some of the builds they show 412 points in build calculators.

Like gunslinger chaos build, screenshot shows 412 points earned and used in build.

Assuming this is some old kr version as 408 seems max. But out of curiosity how does 412 even exist when points are gained in stages of 3 or 6?

E.g. after 408, next total should be 411 or 414. A 412 pt build implies a 4pt skill potion or quest?

it’s 414 and 420 the next two pots