Maxroll - Lost Ark Character + Skill Builder


At Maxroll, we’re always looking for ways to bolster our communities and to make information more accessible. Listening to feedback and acting on it has always been our number one priority. You guys have been asking us about our tools in the articles, so today, we are launching The Lost Ark Character Builder with multilanguage support. It took us a little bit to figure out how we can showcase a complete build in just one view.

After countless hours of development by Riv :Planner: the legend and father of the Diablo Planners and testing from our amazing Lost Ark team, we can proudly showcase a tool made for the community. We are all working hard to provide the Lost Ark community the best content possible and appreciate you all for the constant feedback.

We prepared a news post which can be found here:

A YouTube video explaining how the Builder works in detail:

(we strongly recommend watching it)

And here is a complete showcase of one Build:

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.


Love the work you do for us here in Lost Ark and in other games! Thanks for this and all the other amazing guides and tools you provide for us! :heart:

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Took a quick look and seems like a good decent start to an english alternative to laowa. Do you think adding multiple profiles to one page (i.e. being able to switch between Raid/Chaos Dungeon/PvP) in a drop down menu would be possible in the future?

Although minor, allowing for manual input for stats gained from stat potions would be nice.

If the intention is for this to be used as a link by streamers, a widget for showing a suggested rotation would be nice.

Hey, sorry for the late reply. I don’t check that frequently this forum. =(

We intend to add a ranking system but without giving anyone the ability to write actual notes.
If we allow that, we have to moderate it, which is not possible.

The pet stats + potion stats were added and can be toggled by clicking on the pet icon outside of the “editing mode”.

Regarding “rotation”, this seems to be a great idea! I will forward it to our devs.

Thank you very much for the feedback!

That skill builder is awesome, played with it a lot. I’m really excited for Artist / Painter class and can’t wait to play her. Do you have plans to include her in the builder tool soon?

Awesome Work :clap::clap::clap: Just would love to have better mobile support.

Yes, she will be added as soon as we have the eu/na data of her.

You guys are insane. Thank you so much.