May I get my deleted character restored?

Resolved, big thanks to the rep that helped

Hello @abc1234 and Welcome to the Lost Ark forums!

We can restore characters, that’s right.

I need you to log off from the game for a bit while I do it, let me know when I can work on it. :slight_smile:

@Santoryu My bad, I didn’t know about the logging out bit. I closed the game out just now

Awesome, It’ll take me just a few minutes, I’ll let you know once you can log back into the game.

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Log back into the game now and tell me if your character’s there now.

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@Santoryu Yes, she’s returned
Thank you and apologies for bothering lol

Not a problem at all, make sure you reach out to us anytime you need help!

Stay safe and enjoy the game! :smiley:

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