May patch info released(new skin)


flashy cool trailers but rotten game from the inside
every player knows that he wont be able to enjoy this class
imagine a new class release for a game, knowing you are going to spend hours trying to play it…
only in lost ark

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man these trailers are so good.

Sus legendary for Slayer showed


Western exclusive skins look good too

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Im more copium then we get the under booba skins ?


uhh what are you even saying? im switching to slayer main, i have everything saved up to get her into brel and im completely f2p… Your english doesn’t make sense, I honestly can’t tell what you are saying here…


Not exclusive, KR recently got our “exclusive” launch skins.

swim suits shown are garbage

So are we getting summer skins this month or next?

Edit: didn’t see it said June mb

Personally i think they look like shit. And the guns will probably also have the typical korean “i have no clue what a gun is” look, so i can’t even reasonably be happy to finally get some decent guns for my gs.
All the while ags is keeping some of the scant few good looking gun skins hostage for some asinine reason.


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