May update appreciation thread

I just wanted to say thank you for an amazing update.

There’s new content with end game boss, new class, new event. There’s new skins in different flavours. Both casual and fantasy, which I’m sure lots of people will be happy for.

But the real MVP is the QOL updates. New menus, options, and AH updates are absolutely amazeballs. They really show care about our gaming experience. And some of the updates were pretty recent on KR as well, so I’m sure not everything got ported over smoothly and took quite some man hours.

So a huge shout out to Amazon for communicating what’s important and to Smilegate for getting it done. Please continue in this direction.

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Some issues here and there, but overall a really good and relatively smooth update launch! :smiley: ggs AGS

Agreed. I was shitting on the skins when they released the awful promo photo but I actually really like most of the skins and amazed they created new skins for missing classes. Logging in on Thursday felt like day one all over again. So much new stuff I didn’t do much for hours but looking at everything new haha it felt like Christmas Day.