Maybe skip story on alts?

I don’t know why we should play the story again on our alts, it is 2 hours of wasted time. Is there any way to remove that?

Knowledge Transfer in the stronghold, you can “skip” the main story quest of the continents, for example North Vern, Rohendel, Yorn etc. up to Punika.

Takes 8 hours and some gold

You skip it via Knowledge Transfer in the stronghold. The North Vern transfer is absolutely worth the gold, because it levels you up to 50 and auto-clears all of the Sea of Gienah continents, but the price gets more questionable as you continue farther in the main story.

My usual path for alts is:

  1. Knowledge transfer North Vern
  2. Complete Yorn normally (skipping Rohendel altogether)
  3. Complete Punika normally (skipping Feiton)

It takes 8 hours of waiting for Knowledge Transfer and roughly 4 hours total of actual gameplay to complete all of this, not counting the grinding/honing to reach the item level thresholds for each tier.

As a note, it’s technically possible to skip Yorn and go straight to Punika after North Vern by purchasing gear on the Market instead of getting it from Yorn Chaos Dungeons. However, you cannot equip gems on a character that hasn’t completed Yorn, so I don’t recommend this unless the alt is only for Lopang tasks or something.

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As Sophomore has said, you can use the knowledge story feature.

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A few times, then your only option is to pay.