"maybe Solution" Server Queue

Hello :slight_smile:
Please don’t hate on me Q_Q.

This is a “maybe Solution”
I am on Server Asta with my friends, we are about 40 players ranging from GS 250 - 1200. Most of my friends like to stay on the server Asta.
I can fully understand them since many of us are fully working and we got to lvl 50 with a waiting time of 3h-5h. We Love this game and we want to continue playing it. I don’t want them to get frustrated and quit the game.

I asked my friends what is the real reason there don’t want to change the server many told me that there want to play the game rather than keep doing the questline to be at the same stage there right know.

So how about (please read first before hating on me xD)
How about PowerPass in the shop it could be even with restrictions for example only 1 can be purchased per account and to be able to use it you will need as least 1 lvl 50 on any server.

This will skip all the getting ready to play and you can start by actually playing the game and content.

Why will this help?
Well let’s say come home form work and I want to play I see a queue for 15k players rather than me waiting in the queue I can just log in to a different saver that I have a lvl 50 on and I can do dungeons and all the good stuff the game has to offer

how will this help me in progress?
I can use the broker to send the gold I have made to my main server or exchange it to crystal to be able to buy upgrading mats that I need so it will still help me to progress and when the queue is at like 2k-4k I wait for 30min or 1h and I will be back with my friends.

if many are doing this it will automatedly bring the queue down and maybe some of us will like it so much that there just stay at their new server since there able to play there whenever there like?