Maybe we can make a change with classes

So i recently posted a thread where i asked the CM’s to release artist WITH destroyer and i eventually came to the conclusion that maybe the community can get behind by answering the following question

what class would be BEST to release next for the game.
Please state the reason Also keep this civil so that way i can ask the CM’s again to bring this thread to the developers attention.

Main Rules: PLEASE be nice and try to understand EVERYONE’s reasoning for what they think would benefit the game the most :slight_smile:

Arcana or Summoner since they’re launch classes and the game lack of mages

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The next class needs to be destroyer or destroyer +1.

The reason is that the constant chopping and changing of direction from amazon is angering the community more than pretty much every issue outside of and including classes. Its quite clear at least on the forums (and other media) that patience is and has been wearing thin.

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So lets say they do add them, How would more mages help the game? :slight_smile:

Will stop people from quitting since mage players only have one DPS and one support option :slight_smile:

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Okay so lets take that and put it against assassin, do you think more people would quit or less if they released another assassin

I actually think reaper is right up there with lancer i what people actual want as well as summoner and artist. Lancer was the clear favourite and now thats out of the way the next few releases will be the ones that either divide the community or they accept it. Ill go with divide as its pretty close.

I think AGS will try to release classes in the way it “keeps” people.

So it will be 1 popular class and 1 unpopular, like Lance Master + Destroyer.
This way they can always announce in every roadmap 1 more popular class.
They also won’t announce more than 2 classes — so people won’t leave because of 5/6 months of potential minimum wait.

With this my bet on the next one will be probably Artist + Arcana or Summoner + Arcana.
Two mages are weird, so does early Artist (sorceress was early as well tho) — both sounds unlikely, but somehow real.

I might be horribly wrong, but that would be my bet, since their priority is to try keeping population.

Taking in consideration that Mage is missing Arcana and Summoners against Reaper for Assassin, I would say less. But I don’t have the data they have to be sure about this

I don’t think they’ll release Artist so soon, she is a new class that not even Russia or Japan has

Artist, we need more support and seem like a popular choice to keep people wanting to play her.

Easy. The class that requires the least amount of balancing. Do I know what that is? Nah. Again, i’d be happy to wait on any class if I knew it was undergoing changes or looking to undergo changes in the near future that would result in a smoother and/or more enjoyable playing experience.

However, I don’t stay holed up in my house or live the majority of my current life through this game so I can’t speak for the impatient cross section of individuals that may voice another perception.