Maybe you guys should've mentioned THIS

Imagine wanting to play summoner in December and making a Reaper now - since you can usually change the receipient once - you dont recieve mats later but not like that matters.

Now we cant even change it anymore - and nothing about it in the patch notes - so my option is either:

  1. Dont continue honing Reaper AT ALL TILL DECEMBER
  2. Hone it and dont have it on summoner

Thanks for the Info in the very long patchnotes. Ffs.

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And people told me i was lazy and entitled for saying that reaper and summoner should get their own pass and event for their releases. I told them this pass/event was being treated differently, i was called lazy and told i just wanted free stuff.

Once again AGS cant even put all the changes and details in the patch notes, and who has to pay the price? the players

You have never been able to change the event pass after you use it to hone in one character, I am failing to see the point. They said on patch we would get nothing new for summoner and we can save this stuff

Wrong you could with the last one.

strange as i hones scouter to 1415 and then moved it to another character to collect the items that i didn’t need on scouter with the last one.

Completely different Express Event. They even stated “For players awaiting the release of the Summoner Advanced Class, please note that both progression events will be active for its release next month, and can be saved to use on the Summoner. No additional Powerpasses or Express events will be added in the next major update as these events will be active throughout December.”

I remember the first one working like i’ve said. I thought it was a normal thing huh. I see sorry for the mistake. But still it gives a warning before you start to hone so im still failing to see the point

The first express pass was the same way. Since they MODIFY honing rates, if you hone with it once, it will LOCK to that character. Its to prevent double dipping on the honing benefit that the express pass gives. This is the FIRST express pass that modifies the honing rates for the attached character SINCE the very first one. The 2 prior events ONLY gave materials to hone with, NOT a honing bonus thus did not have this issue since there was no honing bonus.

The warning box is intended.

I was able to use the last two events on two different toons but this one in the patch notes said it can only be used on one character.

I have been watching to see if this was true since the patch notes are not written very well compared to other games…

Last 2 events didn’t feature a honing bonus, this one does.

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