Mayhem +2 engraving help

so im currently 5x3+1 in full relic, i have a 9/7 stone but im thinking about what to run at +2

My current setup is Mayhem/MT/CD/RC/Grudge+1 Ambush or EP or Adren

im thinking about making my +2 KBW but is it worth it to run KBW+2 , or what are the best engravings to run at +2

cursed doll or masters tenacity

dude, if you want 5x3+2, your only choice is the engraving that’s +7 on your stone, that’s it. if it’s a bad one like KBW, grudge… etc. you basically can’t go 5x3+2 with that stone :slight_smile:

if your +7 is cursed doll, raid captain, you can have that at +2 no problem :slight_smile:

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level 2 grudge or lvl 2 kbw is still stronger than 5x3+1 equivalent but it looks bad and people will probably gatekeep so yea

AINTNOWAY u just wrote that


You can go to trixion and do a quick 1min parse to compare engravings at +2.

But to save you time the most optimal is either master tenacity or curse doll at +2

Sub optimal is raid captain and the rest CAN NOT be at +2.

If your rock isn’t a +7 curse doll or master tenacity or raid captain then you are out of luck.

Am I lost or did OP never say what his rock was.

Your 2 stat should be Raid Captain or Cursed Doll. Bersk doesn’t use/need Adrenaline end game gear.

Curse doll/ master tenacity is the top two choice

They are saying raid 2 is suboptimal compared to cursed doll/masters tenacity.

Does anyone have numbers?I’m seeing some top whales on loa rankings who have their +2 be raid captain so im assuming it can’t be that bad.

I would assume the opposite if you know they are whales xD just kidding

Im not sure about what to take for lvl2 but to me, Master Tenacity is a core and its on lvl 3. I would never have that on lvl 2

My build will have raid captain on lvl 2 because its much cheaper than having it on lvl 3.

Cursed doll would be the 5th engraving for me

Mayhem, master tenacity, grudge, keen blunt weapon, cursed doll and then rc on lvl 2

Yea I was about to do the same.
My main engravings are mayhem/masters tenacity (legendary) so the logical stone to 7/9 or 9/7 would be a cursed doll/raid captain stone since both are viable.

Another other stone I’d have to get another legendary engraving like keenblunt instead of master’s tenacity but if the difference is like 1% between raid captain/cursed doll/master’s tenacity then I will stick to raid captain +2

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It’s only logical because having cursed doll on lvl 2 comes with a big downside (granted, it’s a bit lower on Zerker but still, it’s a downside) and having RC on lvl 2 has absolutely 0 downsides.

Plus it’s more cost efficient.

I mean the downside for cursed doll is 25%- healing fixed regardless of level.So it doesn’t matter if it’s level 1/2/3 either way you’re still taking cursed doll.(be it 2/3 depending what kinda stone you get)

Yeah, but the dmg bonus is bigger, so the upside/downside ratio is better with it on lvl 3

In this game, it’s pointless to think in absolute terms, everything is relative and has meaning only when taken into consideration against the other

For example, why not ambush master which gives 25% dmg instead of 16% only? Because it’s back-attack reliant, and the downside depends on how reliably you can back-attack on that class. So there’s a hidden % number in that equation which depends on how good you can find the back-attacks to take into consideration.

So again, until you compare pros and cons you got no actionable intel

I think almost everything is better than Cursed doll on 2 on all classes except on mayhem zerk, but I’m not sure for Mayhem Zerk either.

Ah yes, i also worry about my build being too pricy in my casual 5x3+2 alt setup, one of the top concerns

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Dont get me wrong, I’m on 4x3 right now xD It’s just something to strive for. If you don’t plan it in advance, your purchases will be suboptimal and cost you pheons and gold.

EDIT: I even have movement speed negative on lvl 1. But it was optimal build path for me at that given moment xD Some of the points in MS neg will be replaced when I replace the old accs.

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Oh yeah no youre right in principle, its just that, unless youre someone who got extremely lucky early on with a god stone, whether your items ultimately cost 25k or 50k on a then perfect and forever-finished character, really wont make a difference anymore

It won’t from that perspective, but from today’s perspective it makes all the difference.

The money you put into that right now could have been used to multiply it by for example, flipping the market or saving the gold for something else which would help your progression even more (such as honing or gems or I don’t know, depends on your situation)

While you still have some control over your future, it does matter. Only afterwards it doesn’t matter. Can’t change the past.

Oh yeah sure, i was just going off the assumption of raid captain being slightly suboptimal (idk what the reality is, i also didnt read all the responses in the post), and choosing the cheaper variant over the perfected one, when 5x3+2 should be the final setup you ever buy for your character, just found that to be humorous

for anything but that, or whatever you know you will hold on to for quite a while, you should choose whatever is the most cost efficient of course