Mayhem and phantom marks

Hello, i have a problem with mayhem and phantom marks. Im not getting any, even tough i cleared 3 kakul saydons (clown) and brel from gate 1 to 6. Can you pls look into it and if you need any other information, please let me know. Thanks

EUC, server: Evergrace, characthers, Youngtomo (Brel and Kakul), Oldtomo and Sovamainxx- Clown.

Have you check the exchange merchant if it is 0?

Yes i checked, i don’t have 0 and didnt have 0 before I cleared this week, I just did not get more marks this week. I have like 160ish phantom marks and 215ish mayhem marks. Brel clear is 250 marks and 3 clown clears are 600 marks and I did not get any.

I get them like half of the time idk what’s going on there

@Roxx Can I get any info about this or some kind of reply?

You get them once per week per roster, not for every character

Have you maybe cleared Clown/Brel before and already claimed the marks for this week?

Then this might be it. Thank you for clarification.

Hey there @Youngtomo Welcome to the Lost Ark forums!

As @Sophomore mentions, the Mayhem Marks and Phantom Marks are a once per roster per week reward, unlike Mayhem Horns and Phantom Horns. Please also keep in mind this reward lockout is shared with the Midnight Circus: Rehearsal and the Phantom Astalgia Déjà vu, meaning that if one of your characters clears the Rehearsal/Déjà vu you will obtain the weekly Marks and will not obtain more from the Legion Raids.