Mayhem Berserker - Trash Status

Hi guys,

I am wondering if they plan on buffing Mayhem. Our Damage is trash compared to other classes and if you are not running “Forest of Giants” & “We’ll Meet Again” Card sets you die faster than any other class. This is a melee class and our survivability now is PURE TRASH.

Dont even think about doing Inferno as Mayhem, they cant be this clueless about whats happening to this class. You do not even see Mayhem Zerkers anymore. This is an issue and would love to know if anything will change. Out of all the other issues in the game, having Mayhem Zerkers this trash will be the reason I leave the game.



It’s mayhEm. You don’t even know the name of your class engraving.

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that the price the class pays for taking the build that simplifies its own class mechanic( or better removes it) and you cant rly buff its sirviavability without making it outright broken in any island pvp ist still funny how that class that take alsmost no dmg in pvp can 2 shot many classes even with heavy armor 3

and stop saying its dmg is trash the dmg is more than just fine you just cant compar zerker mith sorc and maybe artillerist.
you got 2 options with this class first learn to play and i mean learn how to rly play this class like i still see many mayhem zerkers dont give a damn about back atack or any sort of position and just spaming the dmg skill after using red dust and learn to DODGE like any other class

or option 2 your use berserkers technique and you need to play the harder zerker but get more live. and need to work with identity like many other hight dmg classes.

but damn stop cryying that zerkers is weak and squishy i rarely hear deatheye and sharpshooter cry as much as your class


How geared is your berserker? And to which class exactly are you comparing? To be honest, if you play sorc for example, and go back to berserker you will feel like a tank.

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I main Mayhem Zerker, and I’m consistently either top damage or sitting in the top 4 with upright fighter, and that’s without using grudge or cursed doll. If you think your damage is bad then maybe reevaluate how you play, because that seems like a you problem.


@Ashlinidor Below are a couple images. I run 12 Zerkers. I am currently working on getting all the alts to 1415, all of my 1415 are 5x3 (I posted 1 image of my main), and there is a storage pic that has my lvl 8 gems I switch between them. I would say for the most part my guys are pretty geared and my Main has a +22 weapon. I also added the two card sets i currently use. But when I use my DPS set, and get hit 1 time it hurts alot. I know @Yurashi wants to bring up other classes, but his examples are range classes not melee, clearly he doesn’t play melee class and he definitely doesn’t play a Zerker from what he commented with. Everyone that plays a zerker and i mean plays them will agree with me that they are prob the worst class overall. Yes all the classes can do content for the most part, but Zerkers are in a very bad stop. Also @Yurashi I dont care about PVP, I only care about PVE so anything PVP related I dont care.

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Your build looks fine although correct me if I am wrong do you not need more swiftness to get full value out of RC? I think its around 800 swiftness with mayhem speed buff and Yearning set buff to hit move speed cap to get the full 18% out of RC if you would rather go full crit switch out raid captain for cursed doll

You’re comparing the squishiest “melee” class to range classes that has more health and more defence than a Grudge Mayhem. The reason those class do not complain about their survivability, because they are range classes that run hit master engraving. Plus they can just drop their Skills and run away, unlike Berzerker who is again a “Melee” class who needs to be close to the boss to perform well. A good example where zerkers suffer is in Vykas Gate 2. You shouldn’t be talking about a class you never played in your life.

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I did Inferno Mode deathless with my Mayhem Zerker, I main it.
I really do agree with the fact that we need a DPS buff, our damage is garbage compared to: Igniter Sorc, Taijutsu Scrapper, Deathblow Striker, Surge DeathBlade and Pinnacle Glaivier.
To play this character to the fullest, you really need boss mechanics experience, 'cuz its survivability is atrocious.
I do see myself on the MVP screen pretty often (if and only if) I pub.
If i play with my regular static that have the same amount of knowledge and are mechanically parallel to myself. with any of the classes listed above, you dont stand a chance. (Specially against a Ignite Sorc)

Mayhem zerker are weak af lol. Where these guys coming from. Scrapper / arterlist / deathblade / sorc / gunslinger all out dps him with same engraving or ilvl.

They are the worst class also for solo busing content lol with how sht their survival skills and animation locks lol.

Definitely need a slight buff or those class listed above need big nerfs.

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You are doing nothing wrong mate. My main is 1505 zerker and you dont have a chance against other dps classes. Also in Kungelanium Raid Captain makes you ike playing with 4 engravings. But in raids you are fine(ish). And yes idd zerker needs buff for sure. They butchered it.

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Learn mechanics and learn how to use red dust… If someone here think gs can outdamage zerk you are big fail… Why i try comment this…

I know mechs i use los 18 i dont need damage reduction i dont need support in valtan and vykas i dont die…you just making something wrong guys

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should i delete my mayhem or demonic sh tomorrow

Mayhem should be a high risk high reward class, but the reward isn’t high enough

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I have to agree as someone that mained mayhem zerker since release but main swapped to WD around vykas release. Now they are both at about the same ilvl, both 5x3 with all lvl 7 gems, but I see my WD do far more consistent damage while being way more mobile and having better tools and synergy. WD also is just much tankier than a so called “warrior” class.

The way I see mayhem is very high risk, with its low hp pool and grudge making you feel like a gunslinger in terms of survivability, while being very low reward with just mediocre damage that is all backended (most your damage comes from the second hit of your long animations). I dont like comparing it to other burst/spec classes, since I dont really see mayhem as a burst class and more so consistent dmg but even in that regard the damage is meh at best. Seriously compared to other melee classes like SH and Scrapper the dps on Mayhem is trash.

What I would like to see is either a buff to its overall damage on abilities and smoother/faster animations making it a high risk/high reward class with low survivability, or reworking its abilities to being less backended and, more so, giving us that instant damage that a lot of other classes have on demand, even just a buff to its tankiness if they want to keep the damage as mediocre as it is would be a nice QOL. The class feels clunky and outdated comparatively to my WD even tho that class is also outdated, but at least WD provides one of the best synergies while also having good dps and mobility. I can usually snag mvp on WD pretty easily but with mayhem its like I have to play perfectly at all points to even have a chance at making the mvp screen.

Thanks for coming to my ted talk :slight_smile:

Just like KR pro players or streamers like ATK and Saintone said, THE CLASS IS NOT THE PROBLEM, THE (USER OR PLAYER) IS… get good man.

YOu having trouble with mayhem? then switch to berserker’s technique lets see if you can handle or manage your meter and skills, unlike braindead mayhem in NA just spamming skills and not doing back attack, since you dont know how to play mayhem, im guessing youre not gonna like BT too.


I have a BT alt, hes getting lot of MVPs which i didnt have as Mayhem before.

Also the BT is way more fun to play and you have to think for future action and when use buttons instead of just look at the Dust uptime and then pressy the AnyKey afterwards like most Mayhem lovers do.

Sure there is a perfect Rotation for Mayhem aswell, but you cant compete with other Classes in dmg .
but most Classes have a strong spec and a mediocre spec. most players who love the class play atleast both or try atleast the other specc.

Its small minded to not even try the other specc with a class , when you are struggling with things . especially when you have 12 Zerkers XD

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maybe swap RC to curse doll, if you wanted to use RC 50/50 swift/crit or just make sure you’re capping movement speed to fully use RC

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being free to play player this will take me awhile as I do not have pheons or gold to make these kind of changes on my account. Going forward ill do that with my other guys, and sooner or later change the ones that have RC to CD.

Best point in time to reroll Serkers Technique, books and accessories are still low in price and the spec is 100 times more fun, the damage peaks you have is absolutely insane and the Dominion Fang set serves it well. Not to speak of the gigantic buff it gets once balancing rolls out to the west where you can run keen blunt and get full efficiency out of it, BT is in a rly good spot rn and youre back to burst mode within 1 rotation when you have like 1.4k spec, I can only recommend it, its pretty free mvps too

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