Mayhem Berserker - Trash Status

“simple” Yea because other classes who do more damage with none of the cons require some high iq play.
The only class that requires actual thought is gunslinger/deadeye
Also no one cares for pvp.The imbalance in the classes for pvp is so ridiculous you shouldn’t even bring it into discussion.

BT the “harder” speck.Pressing the Z key after charging their bar is the “hard” speck then smashing the keyboard with everything you have.That apparently warrants the damage and the tankiness without any of the cons.I’ve tried it and went back to mayhem because I didn’t like the playstyle.

I do hear deadeye complain actually.Because every time a berserker bring up an issue with damage there’s usually some dead eye that goes “Deadeye=first time?” There’s even threads on deadeye if you simply used the search function complaining about the same thing.

I have a friend whos equally geared against my mayhem alts and he took off the moment he got his relic gear.GS in insane in semi compitent hands.If anything it tells me you don’t know what you’re talking about by downplaying GS.

Since you’re bringing streamers into this. Go into the berserker part.

And as much as people like to think the class is easy,its obviously not.Charge skill,no protection and lower effective hp.One wrong skills or the boss doing something unexpected and your rotation is out the window because we realy on 1 skill so much (red dust) until next rotation and since we are melee we really need to know when to do what which requires skill or else we lose alot of damage.

Before the changes high risk/high reward=good players rewarded and bad players die (hence the floor pov meme)
As a mayhem berserker main 1505 I honestly don’t see a reason why anyone would risk having a mayhem berserker with the middling damage then any other of dps class that have none of the cons and better damage.The worry is always “will they fold midgame?”

Either revert the damage changes or remove the hp penalty altogether because currently we have 2 penalties and If you don’t know the berserker and know hes good there’s literally no reason to bring one in any type of content.

And for any mayhem berserker saying they still get MVP?You happen to be a decent player surrounded by bad players.I’ve seen my GS friend at 1460 out damage a 1480 scrapper.The real difference in classes only shows when in hands of decent players.

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I wanted to give my take on the zerker status at the moment since I’ve played both mayhem and technique, and also 10 other classes. While I do agree that being melee is a big con, the class usually makes up for it with more mobility. Mayhem zerker has super high speed built in to the kit. Mobility makes you tankier.
MVP is not a good measure for how strong a class is. Neither is trixion. MVP is a very random variable. If you get a bunch of good patterns for your specific class, or more crits than avarege or good class synergy it can change your DPS share from 10-30% easily without changing your build.

Burst classes should not be compared with consistent dmg classes. Gunslinger and Mayhem zerker are in the same category as how they deal dmg. Igniter sorc and technique zerker are in the same category where they are both buffed in a short window and has insane dmg during that.

Yes its true that mayhem has less burst and less effective hp but you are not factoring in how a fight works. You cant compare one doomsday to one hellblade. You can’t compare a gunslinger sitting for 3 seconds per ability to a zerker that can spam out everything with the longest one takes 1 second or less. the speed is a huge factor in how you survive.

Thank you for your time

okay bro - serker is not that fun lol, how are you not bored of the game yet xD

So you have a zerker above 1445 with full relic set?

Yea dude I can tell you don’t know what you’re talking about just from this sentence alone.The majority of berserker skills require setup that can be interrupted at any moment and they do take more then 1 second to pull off.
Some of our hardest hitting skills take 1 second already just because of the charge alone.(hell blade/strikewave) especially strike wave which is our 2nd hardest hitting skill after the awakening.It requires a charge + another 1-2 second for the full skill to take effect because its 4 seperate spikes that pop out 1 by 1.

Yes. Full relic 5x3 currently technique
From my experience I get helblade sweetspot at 0.8 seconds and strikewave at roughly 1.2. Gunslinger focus shot i timed at roughly 3 seconds. Sharpshooter, target down and shotgun rapidfire are between 1-3 seconds also.
I can relate to the boss moving out of the strike wave though. not fun. but every class has that struggle

Iam gs main i konw what iam talking about… I play vykas basicly withnout get hit…yes sometimes i got mvp in static basic on rng if i crit last hits or not…And yeah 1 from 10 games iam mvp in kunge… Imagine Deathblade with 4 eng outdamage me like nothing…You just cant outdamage back attack class thats the reality… Everybody know that hitmaster classes are weaker…But yeah you can outdamaged bad player…peace…

Poit of my comment was… Mayhem strong heavy damage skill based squishy character. If you die practice more on mechanics you dont need any damage recuction card set etc…

This is a mayhem thread tho.So why are you here exactly?

They’re ranged.None of the risks of a mayhem.

No not really.We have no real super armour and we need to stay close.Besides deadeye I don’t think there’s another class who shares our same predicament.

But they’re not.That’s the issue.It’s ok at best.

why would you delete demonic? :smiley: I boost my demonic as is my 7 character to the moon with global honing buff

wow feels like you never played any other class with long cast/charge/ animation times.
like gunslinger where even 3 of the 5 long casting/animation skills are melle range (sharpshoter dual buckshot and shotgun rapid fire)

or Artillerist where every main dmg skill takes ages to hit where even the one of the main charge skills needs 2 sec to hit and if the boss runs out of range to bad.

or red gunlancer where you need to hit 2 slow charge skill and before that hit another skill that is a true melle attack ( bash attack range is a damn joke) to get a dmg buff while at the same time your are one of if not the slowest class in the game and you need to atack the face of the boss( the danger zone in most of the fights)

if you have a problem with that thats a skill issue.( rememeber its to not the end of the world if you miss a atack everyplayer will miss some attacks during a fight)

in this game range dosent even rly matter there a many boss atacks where you have less problem to escape the atack as a melle class then a range class


2 classes that can conveniently tank most hits without issues.

Ofcourse it matters.You can attack from further away so obviously less chance to get hit.

also 2 classes that have the biggest problem in dodging atacks 1 is slow as hell the other is every 30 seconds forcet to root itself in place for 10 seconds

tell that vykas where in many atacks the save zone is behind the boss


No shit you don’t need to dodge when your shield can take on most mechanics.

Vykas has like 2 attacks where she does front long range attacks and they are very obvious when they are about to come out.
My point still stands.You still have safety by not being close.

vykas has more than 2 range atacks but ok

This is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen.


Have to be more specific LOL. Whats the most disgusting?

like how can you only play 1 class and this one 12 times

Its like going to a all you can eat buffet with 100 different types of food and you take Rice and only rice to eat

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I have the same preset for how they all look as well.

For me I just like playing a zerker, so its like I am always playing my main, but I get 24 Chaos / Guardian runs and get full loot and not have to farm them to buy off a vendor. This also helps me with gold when it comes to Engraving / Gems. Doing this also makes me master the class so no matter what guy I am playing I will be able to do all the content as I just have to know skills / timing for 1 class :slight_smile:

I do this in most games TBH

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well your choice but overall it dosent hurt to play more than 1 class atleast 1 sup per rooster is allways a good thing and well also no expensive as no one cares about engraving as long as you have atleast 3x3

also some fresh air in form of another class help to make the game less stale
in my case i play arty, bard, gs, gl, and arcana it also help somewhat to unter stand position better
like my gunlancer helped me to understand that it is smater for a hitmaster class to not stand behind the boss all the time so the boss dosent do a 180 flip just because i got aggro and ruins the back and front atack dmg

Too much crit and zero swiftness for RC.
Not even LoS card set for the extra damage.

The DPS of this class is fine, your setup is just not optimal at all.
Wouldn’t be surprised to see less optimal gameplay on your side as well.