Mayhem Berserker - Trash Status

What is considered low dmg dps for mayhem zerk?

If you didn’t kill the guardian in time, or your raid boss went berserk then your damage was too low.

Still… “The worst class in the game” is the quote from that video.

i mean , one class has to be the worst class or am i wrong ? there will be never ever every class on the same lvl .

there are too many factors how classes perform or dont do .

whats the point of the berserker , 9 month ago everyone said play zerker its strong in early game and easy to play. that there will at one point a switch was for me more than clear that it happens.

i mean as you look back to march/april, every scrapper/deadeye/striker and soulfist was crying about low dmg and problems even get into groups . now we have it vice versa.

thats what can happen

also dont forget in the end it does not matter as long as you clear the content you want to clear, its mostly not the class its the players

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“Easy” So easy that there’s a meme around the class being a floor pov.
People saw the good berserkers that didn’t die and bitched as usual and the complaints came (like always) from people who didn’t even play the class.

Turns out you need skill to not be a floor pov meme and the fact people couldn’t connect the dots is baffling.(probably because again,they didn’t play the class)

The only legit “nerf” to the class was the hp pot nerf.That’s it.Rest was unwarranted.

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this man is laying down some truth, preach!

Out of 100 zerkers 3 months ago, 99 were running mayhem. That’s reasonable enough for me.

Berserker has a trashy reputation. I am 1490, 5*3 meta, legendary gems main. And I know how to play. I was the only one in the clown lobby with lvl2 set bonus. I got kicked out before we started, in favor of a 1475 striker without lvl2 bonus. And that is the state of barbarians in Lost Ark.

People who keep saying “switch to berserker tech”: HUGE Lost Ark Class Changes bring NEW Meta? Ft. @OHBENJI 오벤지 & JiuDau - YouTube

Mayhem doesn’t need to switch over

I’m sure all players who want to play barbarians will leave this game once Diablo 4 is there.

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I don’t understand why people are saying mayhem has trash damage. I main a 1510 ilvl mayhem zerker, and I’m always cruel fighter even against 1510 igniter sorc… I have the “full meta” build: Mayhem, Kbw, Grudge, MT and Raid Captain with ~1350 crit and ~850 swiftness (all my accessories are 90 quality+ with my neck being 98 quality), LoS 18 awakening and full lvl 7 gems. Are we squishy? Yes… That’s called being a glass cannon. Our damage is insane if played correctly, but it’s a very hard class because of the squishyness and long animations. Or I would say it’s easy to play, but hard to master, that’s more accurate. Personally I don’t think we need a buff right now, we are one of the top damage still. If you are doing garbage damage, I’m sorry to say this, but it has to be a skill issue. The class reputation is realy bad, that’s why people are not inviting us in pugs (luckily I run all of my raids in static), not because of the damage.


There’s nothing wrong with the class, just it’s drivers. Most of them are trash so the reputation reflects it.

I play Mayhem Zerker as an alt, the damage is definitely there, but if Mayhem ever need a buff, I’d say just buff the survivability, make it where Mayhem Zerkers no longer have to run WMA & FoG card sets. The class also need a rework, especially since Female Zerker is going to be released pretty soon.

Yes I do agree with you that the damage is there as long as you know the fight like the back of your hand.

However the main problem has been for sustained DPS classes is that this game is basically designed as a burst window game.

Meaning that you will never have the full 100% dps uptime due to bosses moving around or doing mech.

Compared to a burst class that can unload all of their high damage skill in a 6 second window provided the player knows the right time to do big dps these classes will always outshine sustained dps classes.

When SG nerfed the Mayhem ID class I think they went soo hard that it made the class a middling dps class to really be competitive you need to know the fights extremely well use atrophine pots, dark bombs and coordination with your bard for the dps buff windows.

All of these require a very high skill ceiling compared to classes that can just go behind and back attack and unload anywhere from 60-100mil everytime their skill is on cooldown.

Now we are seeing people unhappy with the dps nerf SG did while broken classes like sorcs, scrappers, deathblade stay quiet hoping to not get nerfed to oblivion as well.

He hasn’t misspelled it once, get your eyes checked.

Because he edited it afterwards. GJ on digging up Sep 27 post.

the tank card sets are actually absolutely brutal (even not fully awakened ) and are massive advantage, allowing you to play brutally agressively and that impacts dmg heavily.

I have 5 zerks. I use green pots. I survive everything and i pretty much never die to damage.

As for zerks damage - i cant really complain. I can outdamage ovegeared people even on my trash alts. The builds i play are sometimes really bad ( i dont even have keen blunt on any alts), and zerks damage still quite slaps.

Though i do squeeze out most of the potential zerk has any play agressively ( umm, no adorphines though, no thank you ) when it comes to opportunities for damage.

Zerk only needs some synergy for group party and he would be chilling

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mayhem that run defensive cards are trash.

end of discussion.

if you dont really know how to play zerk, you can then use your lostwind set KEKW.

Sounds like you have bleed on red dust, amirite ?

Tank card set is best in majority of scenarios, unless you got LOS 30.

I think zerker is more like a burst class than a sustained damage class. Run rage on your red dust for the chance to fit in 4 spells in 6 seconds. My rotation is: red dust->strike wave (this is the biggest damage spell, it’s important to start with this so it can benefit from red dust 100%)->finish strike (perfectly lines up with red dust cooldown, so you always be able to use it during red dust buff, given it has the same CD gem lvl as red dust)->sword storm->and if the rage rune on red dust procs, you still have time for a tempest slash. This rotation damages around 120M for me, and I still have the chain sword and hell blade up. I usually use those two together, because it’s impossible to fit in hell blade in the red dust damage window too, and it’s more important to use strike wave. So in one rotation you do around 150M damage, and the cooldowns are pretty low, and your rotation only takes around 10 seconds. A little auto attack here-and there (or mechanic dodging) and you can repeat the rotation. And one more important thing: don’t use dark rush for damage, use it for utility. For example stagger (it has “highest” stagger rating) or in instances when you are sure you will be knocked down from the platform, and don’t have time to dodge (it gives you push immunity). It is not a hard rotation, but you have to learn the raid patterns and mechanics to be able to take full advantage of your burst windows

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:joy: The card set that makes you tanky as hell is for “skilled” people?Am I hearing this right?
You have the equivalent of the mokoko buff which makes you tankier.(mokoko buffs=helps new players stay alive untill they learn)
The only reason to use the tank card set is for progs and LOS 18 is a 7% flat damage increase.Definitely worth the switch if you have hands and know basic boss mechanics so tank set becomes irrelevant.

Most people on LOA use bleed on red dust.I literally went ahead and checked the 100 top players and most of them are using bleed so its definitely a viable option if the majority of the top players on LOA are using it.

I mean yea if you go in knowing nothing about the boss there’s no denying it’s probably the best card set out there but unless you have some sort of mental disorder where you forget every boss fight once you do them then you’re gonna reach a point where there is no point in it anymore because you’re gonna know what the boss does and barely get hit.

Like I get it dude its a decent comfy cardset that you probably constantly use but you don’t have to be so defensive about it.Especially when its a suboptimal cardset for anyone remotely experienced in the content they’re doing.

I have no beef with the actual argument you’re having with that guy so excuse me for interjecting, but are you really satisfied with explaining something in this manner ?