Mayhem Berserker - Trash Status

Yes.The majority of top end players tend to optimize and the majority of them use bleed.
So bleed is the optimized best default.

So you’re willing to not even question it. Actual reason seems irrelevant to you. Very interesting.

Fixed this for you while I’m at it since you’re under the assumption loa is a skill ranking or something.

I mean I checked gear range 1450/1500/1550/1600 too.Bleed is definitely still the majority.So its not just a whale thing.

Yeah, they’re right for the most part. 95% of them also copy builds from a few. They tend to be right, but quite few are wrong as they are either just wrong or better suited for the 1600+ ilvl they are at.

I just didn’t like how you weren’t curious about why and defaulted to referencing loa.

The attack power buff and the crit rate buff from red dust apply to the bleed rune so they match well even if it has a pretty long cooldown. You would never use chain sword during red dust 6s window so the only other skill option means bleed is never going to never have +24% attack power and won’t have 100% uptime anyway.
And you want chain sword for purify in encounters where debuffs hurt and galewind where counters matter.

Min-maxers can swap them around based on encounter, but most (even me) don’t have that much patience so we’ll just leave them be that way and only swap the rune on chain sword when there’s a need for purify.

I mean yea that’s why I do to too.

Most people just have copy paste builds.

The bleed on red dust is just riddiculous.

Rage on red dust is the king. Not only it scales with raid captain, but the attack speed increase can enable you to not only finish your combo faster ( which is very important), but you might have more time to add one more ability into your combo, which is a juice.

You can also use Fire tripod on shoulder charge and add bleed rune there - the fire dot from tripod will refresh bleed whenever you hit enemy with it, thus further increasing bleed duration. Thus you can play it offensively, but even if you use it as a dodge, the dot lasts 5 seconds and when you come to the boss, it will aply the bleed.

On chain sword, you can use the rune that reduces cooldown by 12%. Considering you spam chain sword, this definitely counts.
Thats for encounters where you dont use or need purify. Though according to some people´s logic, you shouldnt need purify - just dont get hit 4head :smiley: .

As for the card sets, its the same with copy paste sets. People just dont use their brain.

Tank card is absolutely brutal. Sure, its good for progging and for noobs, but for good players that know the fight well, its way better than lostwind or 18 los in majority of scenarios.
And why is that ? Because it allows you to play offensively and allows you to make use of certain windows of opportunities you wouldnt otherwise have acess to.
The attacks that wont CC you and only make you take damage, you can tank them and use them to damage boss or finish your rotation.
Thus funnily, the tank card set is way better than dps set - unless its 30 LOS, and gl getting that.

And a little perk of that is that you can use green pots no matter what, you are practically immortal and dying to damage is pretty much impossible. Soloing clown at bingo when you have no pots ? No problem. Hell, you can even heal there through cancelling your mayhem.

  • the tank card set shines the most at valtan gate 2, where you just dump your whole combo to valtan´s back while he is using whirlwind and lot of his attacks wont cc you. Getting mvp as zerk at valtan ain´t an issue. + Entropy is quite fun there if you have low crit.

Entropy is quite fun on its own with like 1K crit / swift. At valtan gate 2 and vykas gate 3, its pretty nice. But at gate 1 valtan and gate 2 vykas, its trash.
Didnt try entropy at clown. Probably not the best idea considering the bingo doesnt allow you to have much freedom regarding proper positioning.



it is trash outside of pvp

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Play bt then?

I hope SmileGate does another class balance patch for Mayhem ID Berserker, the class just isn’t competitive compared to other DPS classes.

Back attacking classes always cry about the boss moving around so much while denying the fact that Berserkers are hugely impacted by this as well, missing red dust is a huge DPS drop for us and also missing our skills due to the long animation time is also a regular occurrence on raid bosses that move around a lot.

The class design of consistent DPS needs to be reworked as there is really no way to have 100% uptime on your target due to them moving around and the mechanics they do every so often.

And you can’t really face tank the bosses due to mechanics like: lust meter, mayhem gauge, valtan push you out the arena.

The nerf SmileGate did to Berserkers was way over the top so many skills nerfed, and the potions and healing we recieve also nerfed.

No other class received this much DPS downgrade in a single go that the survivability of the class and the dps he does is way below several melee classes in the same category.

Other classes that got a balance patch still did almost the same amount of damage.

However not the poor mayhem berserker. Nerfed to the ground SmileGate never bothered to look back.

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That really bothers me. I am sure they know the current status of mayhem berserker, but do nothing with it.

Do you have youtube/twitch channel? Or maybe some good in-depth vids you can recommend?

It’s 10 months into the game and people still think mayhem berserkers are a consistent dps class omegalol

This class has one of the highest 6-8 second burst windows in the game. But because atk says so, it must be “consistent” dps.

Youtube only for one other game, havent posted there in ages.

With zerk, you can go classic nightmare relic set and when you feel comfortable with fights and rotations, you can go entropy for some encounters if u want more Fun. Tho it might be struggle if ur last man standing at like valtan gate 2, as you run out of mana hard due to spamming chain sword.

Generally, you just wanna pump out as many abilities as you can after your red dust. And if its to enemy´s back, even better.

When red dust is off cooldown, u can just do chain sword into tempest slash, or into Z, or even into hellblade or into whatever.

Just dont be afraid to go hard. I see that zerks often just stand around while tons of their abilities are on cooldown, they just arent too agressive. And zerk sure can be agressive.

I could make some vid eventually, but ugh, a bit too lazy for that - i imagine there are some good guides out there ? Shrugs.

Just go hard. Grab tank card set, green pots, and thats it :smiley:
The card tank set is just great, i rarely use anything else than that, as it not only allows me to play agressively as hell, but being able to use green pots also saves you lot of gold, and you even use those green pots offensively by essentially trading your health so you can do dmg while boss is hitting you ( unless you have a supp ).

And in case you will be running out of pots or you dont have supp, then you can play more carefully and no way you will die. And worst case scenario, you can simply cancel mayhem to heal up and play carefully for 30 seconds until debuff is gone and boom, 100% health :smiley:

Their burst dps window produce almost 2x smaller damage then the real burst king, igniter sorcs, what you are even talking about xd
Great burst class when you do 1/2 damage of the highest burst class (before last balance patch, I heard arcana with perfect cards would beat that now but didn’t check)

Ok so basically nobody is a burst class except igniter sorcs and arcanas that pull out cull+judgement cards great logic you have there buddy

Why not answer his post regarding Igniter Sorcs doing 2x the burst of Mayhem Zerker that YOU claim has one of the highest 6-8 second bursts in the game?

You haven’t refuted the man for calling out your bull.

So many classes can burst better than Mayhem Zerkers it’s all over YouTube.

The problem with the class has always been that you cannot have full 100% DPS uptime on your targets because they do mechanics and move around so much.

The 6-8 second window you have to attack is NOTHING DPS wise compare to burst classes that can unload all of their big damage during that 6-8 second window.

If the burst class misses that window, it doesn’t mean that they can’t unload another big damage during the next opportunity I mean why else are these burst classes constantly MVP damage wise during legion raids?

The game has been designed around a small window where you have to do the most damage you can and that is why Mayhem Zerker nerf was unwarranted in the first place.

Im not obligated to reply to dumb takes seriously.

Mayhem berserker shits on almost every build in burst except a very select few and thats just a fact.

And even better mayhem doesnt require you to actually hit the boss to recover meter like half the classes that do outburst him. So unironically the burst mayhem does is more reliable than the things that are beating it.

  1. Their burst damage is closer to constant damage dps classes then true burst classes. Agree that they pull a little more in burst window then your average constant damage enjoyer but not by that much.
  2. Proper mayhem rota contains 3 skill chains that start with red dust, execution of each of those lines are around 8-10s each. Two out of three lines you can call a "bigger"burst lines as you have your high damage skills up (strike wave and/or hell blade). That gives you around 6-7s of no dpses window where you can reposition/light attack/use while waiting for important cooldowns.
  3. Zerk is more about series of miniburst then about true burst window like deathblow, surge or igniter. They up with their damage during 2/3 time of the fight if rota executed perfectly and have a correct stats/cd gems.
  4. If series of mini bursts like that a burst class for you then sure, go with it. In that case demonic would be burst too because you use your two main damage skills (A + S) together in certain periods of time. Same for Control Glavier where in their rota you can see ups and downs.
  5. I dont think you know how to read the data you just posted

Thank you for your opinion. Unfortunately you should spend some time understanding the list yourself as the information contradicts your claims.

For example you think a surge db outbursts mayhem when strike wave inside red dust alone does comparable damage to a surge crit. Oh lo and behold, the list also agrees with me.

Yeah Surge DB over 21 mil DPS and Mayhem 15 mil DPS with worse class survivability than most other DPS classes.

And by the way why you keep dodging the man when he pointed it out straight to you that Igniter Sorcs bursts 2x that of Mayhem Zerker?

Get outta this thread you have no business being here.

Clearly Mayhem Zerkers got nerfed way too hard and the class needs to be reworked to suit it’s intended role.