Mayhem Berserker - Very High Risk No Reward!

Currently mayhem berserker is bad joke…

I Suggest These Changes →

-Only Apply Mayhem Effect To Weapon , Do Not Apply To Character Body!

Mayhem Engraving:
-Outgoing Damage 16% → 28%
-HP Reduction -75% → -65%
-Cooldown Reduction , All Skills (Including Awakening) -15%

Quality Of Life
-Mayhem Mode Cannot Be Disabled In Any Condition , Only By Player

Why not, lets make Mayhem Berserker the most broken class in the game one more time :smiley:


Zerker might need some type of buff, but it doesn’t need a huge dog boost.

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Tho i agree with the title and also i myself a zerker main. The damage is ok need a little buff from the big nerfs it had or keep the damage just give it more survivability i guess? 70% reduction and 30% hp would be better.

Zerk is insanely and brutally tanky with a tank set.

So far, i have only encountered ONE situation where my zerk was " squishy " and that is when you bus valtan and he does the freeze mech and dmg after it.
With grudge, i think i had like 85% hp and still died.
So, that is the only " squishy " moment i encountered. Best to remove grudge when doing gate 2 rofl.

Other than that, zerk is tanky. Tanky as Hell. No risk. I play with Green pots. Hell, i bus with green pots most of the times.
Valtan, vykas, clown ? Green pots all the way.

Especially for clown, mayhem is Brutal. You are fast as hell so u can dodge stuff easily, you are Immune to HP reversal, ayo.

But zerk should have some synergy for party. The current one is a joke.

And then BT will only get 32% :clown_face:

The problem with this idea is bad. Zerkers have to go for a tanky set while other dps can freely choose from either lost wind or LoS.

This is a misconception from other players.

“Ohh then why dont you just use madnick set” or “dont get grudge if you die too much”
While we lose other classes are getting.

Remove madnick card set we are worse than a gunslinger survivability while being a slow melee.

At least reapers are fast that compensate for its squishiness.

troll apart the visual and qol suggestion is actually good idea

That is waaay too much and im a mayhem berserker.

Incoming damage -75% is actually a good suggestion.Anything to steer us away from using the tank card set by making us naturally tankier (which no other dps uses bdw and you’re gonna switch to LOS anyway at some point so bye bye tankiness)

What the class needs is strike wave to be changed from 4 seperate strikes to 1 big spike which makes berserker damage more consistent because remember those 4 strikes have a chance to not crit each and the 4th spike usually doesn’t hit.

Also maybe paralysis immunity on red dust so we don’t waste it because the boss decided to backhand us while doing it.

No on the skills and yes on the Awakening CD.
Mayhem berserker awakening damage is kinda dog ngl.(atleast compared to strikewave)
I do 36ml with my awakening and my strike wave (if all hit/crit can do like 30ml)

One is a 26 CD and the other 5min.You do the math.

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Why would you put the visual on a weapon only? If anything it should be on the character and not on the weapon so you can see the glow of the weapon.

Welcome back to the forums!

Thank you for your suggestions and feedback. We appreciate everyone chiming in to help find a better balance.

I will forward all feedback to the Dev team to review. I look forward to what others have to add. :slight_smile:

You’re stupid, the streamers that say this are stupid too.

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