Mayhem got too hard nerfed

mayhem right now is the squishiest class (thats a fact, study already has been done)
and is not even top 5 DPS in KR. mayhem zerker is the hardest class to play
since simple boss attacks are oneshot to us + long animations. some say zerker is braindead class so it doesnt deserve a buff but no class is hard to play, sure it takes longer to master it but thats it. u dont need 200iq to play deadeye/arcana.
in KR the forums are full of complaining topics, they hate the current state of mayhem. how much it sacrifices for so small dmg. i saw the PTR chance on test KR server the developers said mayhem is good right now, but every mayhem player says otherwise. the developers are clueless u need to buff mayhem asap.


Hmm developers who have the data say its fine

Pleople who play the class (who are not biased at all) say it needs a buff


On that note arcana is weak af totally needs dmg and survivability buffs. Thanks /s

The last ptr changes were overall a buff to mayhem players. But sure it got too hard nerfed.

Koreans say they’re fine and still top tier.



u dont know what ur talking about


that is just not true. here you have the best berserker in KR.
watch the pros and cons, somewhere in the video he also says mayhem needs a buff.

another video where korean forums are unhappy like i said in my post


Mayhem zerker is factually not the squishiest class or hardest to play.

Just watched a podcast on stoopzz YouTube, where they mentioned how mayhem and BT still do about the same dmg.


I have one as an alt that i will get rid of from my main 6 as soon as scouter comes out. Hes at 1415 right now and honestly hate doing deska, valtan and argos with him. Worst class in the game imo. So weak compared to my other alts. Animation locks, long cd, garbage damage.


Why is Mayhem Zerke entitled to Top5 DPS while other classes are not - please elaborate?

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The game is also stupid you do the same thing every week and every day it gets too easy lol what does it matter what class you play play what you like

As someone who also has Mayhem Zerker, all I can say is that you people are horrible at the game.

You’re entitled because you were top dogs during Argos phase and now you can’t get used to not being the best DPS in the game.

Why should a class that has no meter management or directional attacks (not played as back-attacker) be the top DPS?


Any class you reach 1500 with will be very strong, you don’t know how to play classes, that’s why you talk like that, there is no weak class in this game

ur just wrong.
mayhem is the squishiest class to play. unless dps bard gets a buff which will never happen kek.

Then maybe don’t play fucking grudge if you’re not good enough?
You know, no other class has built in HP reduction, so why stack less defense on top of each other? Use an engraving that has no penalty, but gives 5% less DMG.

Stop fucking bitching already, every single day there are 10 topics from you mayhem bots that are crying just because your class isn’t S tier anymore. What about classes that are actually trash?

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And where does this chart account for the damage reduction mayhem gets.

you can definitly play mayhem as not back attacker BUT after the huge nerfs, if you want to do highest damage as mayhem you need to go always for back attacks.

thats the dumbest thing i heard. every dps if you like it or not has to go grudge.
you should only play the engravings that do the most damage and if you dont ur playing the game wrong.

Entropy is useless on mayhem, so you’re not a back-attacking class for all intents and purposes.
Your biggest damage dealer also doesn’t have back attack modifier.

Stop being bad.

every dps if you like it or not has to go grudge

Why? You’re not like every other DPS, you have 25% max HP.

you should only play the engravings that do the most damage and if you dont ur playing the game wrong.

I mean if you’re bad like yourself you’re playing the game wrong, anyway.