Mayhem mode not working

since i got on today i am stuck with bloodyrush instead of mayhem i have not leveled rush at all and have only mayhem on my gear as well as on my engravings. but for some reason can not get mayhem mode back and only have bloody rush. i tried restarting the game. anyone else have this problem?

Did you accidentally unequip your mayhem engraving?

no, when i logged in it said something about mayhem mode off. but i never took off mayhem and i dont even have bloody rush on anything. not gear and not the engraving

Then another possibility may be the hotbar tabs, maybe you clicked on another than your default config or changed skillpages. Just some stuff wich could have happened otherwise no idea

Check your character page (P), go to Engravings and see if you have 5 pips in Mayhem. Maybe you changed your gear and got fewer than 5 pips thus deactivating the engraving

i have level 2 mayhem.

hotbar tab? can you explain a bit of this maybe i can look into it a bit. im in chat and the support is taking it to the devs now he said

Random shot in the dark here, but if you are doing the Kadan quest line Mayhem wont work on Illusion Bamboo island,

really? im on that island

Yeah, It’s part of the quest blah blah blah, anyway, that’s why.

Of course but nvm that since I meant the numbers beside the item hotbar, wich also only changes the item hotbar specifically and not the skills.

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thanks for your guys timely responses and time, I appreciate all of you. love you guys no hetero.