Mayhem permanence in non-combat zones

The Mayhem berzerker engraving enables permanent burst mode. While running this build, there’s pretty much no reason to not be in Burst mode, which makes it annoying that entering non-combat zones or switching to certain areas (like guardian raids etc.) turns it off.

One thing is forgetting that you’ve not gone to Burst mode while fighting in a new area, which to me as a new berzerker happens often. Keeping the Burst mode on/off even cross-zones etc. would be great.

Other annoying thing is that after entering a city, the player keeps their 25% health, which now adds the almost-dead effects like the heart-beat and the red screen. This then lasts some time until you naturally heal or use a potion to get more health. These effects can last for a couple of minutes without a potion, which makes me feel extremely anxious

You can turn off the low HP effects in settings. Gameplay>Controls and displays>UI>Uncheck show low HP.

Thanks, didn’t realize that. But that would then disable them globally which is not my intention. They are often helpful when I run chaos dungeons, I just chug a potion and the effect is gone after a second or so. Not like the berzerker issue mentioned :slight_smile: