Me and my friend want to find a static for Vykas HM (or more!) - EUC

Title says everything

We don’t ragequit, use discord and we’re cooperative.

Sadly we are not supports, but what can we do other than at least search for tryhard groups.

Let me know if someone has a spot for us (Send me a PM or w/e)

Thanks beforehand!

Wish u best of luck finding one :heart:

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Thanks mate!

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Shameless bump!

can help if we have spots but we dont have a fixed static so if there is a spot your more than welcome to join .

mate you should say from which server are you, your classes and ilvl, time when you can do raids and so on …Without informations can nobody help you.

only the region matters , raids are cross server , and they are looking for HM vykas aka 1460

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I already said we are on EUC…

Time I guess is a thing that can be setup to fit the whole raid (afaik) or is fixed by the possible interested static and they will let me know afterwards (I believe? :D)

I can mostly be free all the time, and my friend is online when he finishes working, and free on the weekends.

Another sneaky bump!

imo you should look in the guild recruitment section of the forum, plenty of posts there daily. Good luck!

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Will do ty!

Have you tried asking in the Lost Ark discord channel? theres a plenty of people there, maybe some are looking for static groups aswell

Yes I tried, but I do it here for visibility! :smiley: