Me making LA App won't break TOS right?

I don’t know if anyone would be able to answer this but I am thinking of making a Lost Ark app that tracks dailys, weekly’s, merchants, events, news, etc.

I just wanna know if I would be breaking some type of TOS or Code of Conduct by doing so? I’m pretty sure I won’t be cause its a third-party API tool but just wanna make sure.

If anyone can repsond be tons of help thanks.

To my knowledge there is no API for our version of the game and pretty sure there are no plans to add this in the future

3rd Party API? Not sure you will have any issues. The guys who made that API might have broken some TOS, cause there is no official API.

There is one that exists but it is locked behind twitch extensions and will likely not be made available to the public

There is an API, but they don’t use it

You can , there are some app from korea but that won’t work since korea version sooner or later will bring the new update where you can check dailys , weekly’s , raids from alterns in-game

If it’s just something you have to input the data for yourself then it should be fine, there’s some sites out there already or people make their own spreadsheets in google docs or excel.

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Thanks for the words guys figured out couple hrs after posting this that SG hasn’t done API integration yet. So I’ll hold off on API tools for now. Still thinking of making a app that relies on user inputted settings idk yet tho.