[Megathread] [BUG] Unable to do weeklies (Guild/unas/stronghold)

Just a megathread for this issue.
From what I’ve noticed on my alts, it’s only affecting the ones that were done wednesday. So this might be a glitch with the moving of the next weekly reset. They would be counted as already done this week.


Yes, i have the same issue too.
I can’t accept any una task on my characters.

Stronghold quests affected, too.

Guild task for buoys shows as repeat with zero guild progress.

Added to title.

same here, for hazardous and gineah coins, boss rush is fine though.

I think it’s because most of us do our boss rush earlier in the week, not on last day.

Also, forgot to tag @Roxx . Could you look into it?

My boss rush is bugged for both my guild and Una weekly

NAE, Una

My alt that did weeklies last night (So Wednesday 6 hours before reset) are affected.

Guild weeklies are already considered completed and award no bloodstones and regular weeklies can’t be accepted because “The quest list has not refreshed yet”

I actually had something similar happen last maintenance. For all the activities that I had done in the evening the previous day, none of the rest bonuses increased despite passing the 3am reset.

Well QM on Holiday since start of Lost ARK EU West oO

Adding to the pile of people with this issue. Hope we get a fix. I cant really live without leapstones lol

Same bug:
NAE, Una, DDevil

Guildmates report the same with weeklies in guild and unas done on Wednesday.

What region is everyone in?

US East.

Same issue here. Seems any weeklies that I did yesterday (on wednesday) aren’t available this week.


Thanks for these reports! The team has been made aware, will let you know when I have an update.


I bet it has something to do with this new message I’m seeing in game under the chatbox.

“Weekly Downtime & Reset are moving one day earlier in the week starting July 6.” Guess I missed that message that it was coming and I’m betting something happened a week earlier then it should have.

are you a wizard?

I have the same issue, seems to be only on the weekly’s that I finished yesterday.

same issue for me. I cannot accept unas weekly (" [Una’s Tasks] The quest list has not been refreshed yet" )

and some of the guild quests did not reset (bloodstone rewards not available) while others did:

seems related to quests that were completed later in the afternoon on wednesday (June 29) before reset.

EDIT: Mari - US West server
Characters affected: